Los Cuatro Del Oro Negro (4-Way Duel Short Film)

Hello spaghetti western fans!

Here I share with you a short film that I shot on 16mm. It is titled Los Cuatro Del Oro Negro, wich means “The four of petroleum” in spanish. It is an homage to my favourite director of all time Sergio Leone. It also contains references to other spaghetti westerns that I love (hope you have fun finding them). You may like it or not, but the video is original (including the music, wich I composed myself). I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed “shooting” it ;D.

Fun fact: it was shot on the 4th of December of 2019.


Very well done Amigo, well done indeed. Nice homage to one of the Classic Moments from the SW genre done in the Classic fashion. I have to be a little bit of a harsh critic here in that your actor playing the cowboy looks like he’s dressed too modern and the actor playing the bandido in his Long-Underwear looks like he has a modern gun in his makeshift holster. This doesn’t take away from the excellent job you did as its a fan film, but I am a slight stickler for period dress in these kinds of films. It’s still cool and good.

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Very true. I think I shoud have changed the boots of the cowboy, wich I think are the most anachronistic element in the short film. I purpousely chose his brown jacket because I loved how it fitted him and because it had a very 60s vibe (It was actually my uncle’s jacket during that period). In the case of the gun of the bandit, I only had a toy gun or the one you see in the film. I chose the 1911 because I it had a very Zapata Western vibe and I thought the character was so poor that he would have stole it from an american, like the gun of the Polish in The Mercenary. Having said that, it sure stands out :joy:. Thanks for your support!

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Your Welcome :grin:! I was thinking more of the shirt and pants of the cowboy being modern as the vest was perfect. Love you paid homage to your Uncle with it, nice touch. The Zapata influence is cool too.

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