Looking for movie with honey torture scenes

It bugs me to no end that I can’t find this movie:

I am looking for a western I’ve seen in the late 80s on TV late at night.

The hero of the movie is a little boy who lives in a village in the desert. At the beginning of the movie a group of bandits comes to the village and they kill everyone except the boy. I think I remember a scene where he walks through the village discovering all the dead bodies and burning buildings.

Later the bandits torture the boy by tieing him to a post and smearing honey all over his body. Then they wait until his body is covered in ants(?) attracted by the honey. I also remember that the boy had to lick the shoes of one of the bandits.

Later in the movie the boy gets help from an adult who in the course of the movie also has to endure the honey torture.

As far as I remember the movie’s title is the boy’s first name (at least it was on German TV).