Long Cavalcade of Vengeance / La lunga cavalcata della vendetta (Tanio Boccia, 1972)

Hmm. Well, it’s gotta be better than that… Hopefully. I see that the database doesn’t list any kind of DVD release so it seems it is rather rare.

Just found out I also have a 1.85 widescreen VHS copy with no subs under the title of Deadly Trackers. Did not notice at first as was getting mixed up with the Richard Harris western called The Deadly Trackers :slight_smile: . Anyway vast improvement over the fullscreen copy.


I have three different versions of this film:

  1. good quality fs. in eng/subs.
  2. good quality Ws. in English.
  3. a Spanish DVD in Sp. Letterbox.


Wait a minute, isn’t that the movie we’re talking about? That’s the one being shown on Encore, right? Deadly Trackers is the title it’s being shown under. Now I’m confused…

The Deadly Trackers starring Richard Harris is this one:


Long Cavalcade of Vengeance (a.k.a Deadly Trackers ) starring Richard Harrison is this one:


[quote=“ENNIOO, post:13, topic:1507”]The Deadly Trackers starring Richard Harris is this one:


Long Cavalcade of Vengeance (a.k.a Deadly Trackers ) starring Richard Harrison is this one:


Damn, Richard Harris and Richard Harrison, both Deadly Trackers… I wonder which one Encore is showing…

A pure guess :slight_smile: , but I will go for the Richard Harris one.

Does someone know for 100% sure what is the correct English title for this film? It has been called Long Cavalcade of Vengeance, Long Revenge’s Ride and Deadly Trackers at least. I have always figured that Deadly Trackers title is a mistake since this film is often confused for the Richard Harris one. There aren’t any “deadly trackers” in Boccia’s film. I have never seen this film w/ English opening credits. The copy I have is audiodub from German tape which is called Django something (crazy Germans… ::))

I’m sure whoever was the first author to print DEADLY TRACKERS confused Richard Harris and Richard Harrison. Once something like this finds its way into print it spreads like wildfire as every author, researcher etc. afterwards reprints the same mistake again and again without researching.

If I’m not mistaken, Jerry Fielding’s score for The Wild Bunch was reused for The Deadly Trackers (the one without -son), so who knows, in the future, good old Richard Harrison will become the key figure in the history of the western: the one who told Sergio to take Clint for Fistful, and the one who inspired Sam to make the Bunch.

You are correct.

[quote=“ENNIOO, post:1, topic:1507”]http://www.spaghetti-western.net/index.php/Lunga_cavalcata_della_vendetta%2C_La

Richard Harrison is on the revenge path for the men who killed his sister. There is 70’s sleaze and violence, and Harrison with his 70’s style sideburns (complete with bald patch). The film is routine stuff for me.[/quote]
70’s sleaze and violence? Sounds good.

Same here. I have a TV-version (Djangos blutige Spur = Django’s bloody trail/trace). The movie is pretty hard to get these days but not really worth hunting down 'cause it’s nothing special. Rather boring stuff with little to offer. The first ten minutes were later recycled by Gianni Crea in ‘Seven devils on horseback’.

I liked this one quite a bit, average film with some nasty violence. Nowhere as good as Vengeance which it clearly tires to imitate though(Harrison, episodic structure, pieces of cloth here instead of pieces of ropes). What I found strange is how Harrison’s character quickly changes from Trinity style tramp who talks to his horse to ordinary gunfighter, he even abandons his beloved horse. Maybe they were doing this without the script and thought first that it would be comedy? :-\

Haven’t seen this one in a long time. I watched it a few years ago and for the life of me I can’t recall much, if anything, about it!
Maybe I should watch it again.

Did anyone else have a strange chopped of ending?

Silence… thought your comments would be good here :wink: .

[quote=“Silence, post:6281, topic:141”]
Long Cavalcade of Vengeance
Town drunk Jeff Carter’s (Harrison) sister gets raped and killed by four gunmen led by Montana (Battaglia), there is also a fifth gunman but he’s innocent. Needless to say, our hero wants revenge and that’s exactly what’s he’s sets out for.

The film is told in flashback format and they decided to chop of the part we see at the beginning at the end so very confusing ending! That and that some parts are basically copies of Vengeance (also starring Richard Harrison by the way) are the major disappointments of the film, otherwise we have a straightforward revenge film without any meaningless gold side stories too often seen in Spaghs.

By the way, don’t expect too much violence even if that’s the films reputation.[/quote]

Very strange mix this one. Seems to me they started making one film then changed their minds mid stream and changed to another one only to bodge them both together at the editing stage. As Bill mentions above, Harrison first appears (chronologically speaking) a la Trinity, complete with exposed underwear, lazy attitude and beloved donkey. Gets his first man like this but then, inexplicably, changes image to become a traditional western hero type. He is helped by loyal ranch worker Furio Mencone (complete with cool slingshot) but he then disappears never to be mentioned again.

As also mentioned, the film is told largely in flashback but this is very clumsily done and because the flashback starts after Harrison has had his big shootout with the main villain it leads to an anticlimax once the flashback ends and we are back in real time. At which point you think, hey he’s missed a villain out, but no, he goes after him now too. But what about the girl he is saving in the opening? Gone and forgotten and unexplained.

I like Harrison so despite all the above nonsense and the obviously miniscule to non existent budget of the whole thing I still enjoyed it as long as he was on screen. Bald patch or not I always think he is pretty cool. But this is sadly nowhere near his best vehicle. Neither does it show Anita Ekberg at her best. She was 41 by the time this was made and looks decidedly heavier than in her heyday. Safe to say the bird on the poster ain’t Anita.

One of Harrison’s better ones for me (probably 4th behind Vengeance, One After Another and El Rojo)… i’m surprised no one has mentioned the music as I found the various tracks pretty catchy, one of the most unique soundtracks i’ve heard and stops the film from becoming dull. 8/10

I like this one too. Don’t remember the score though, so maybe that’s a reason to rewatch it.