Local places

(Sebastian) #1

Okay here’s my question:

where would I find Wild East DVDs really cheap? does Circuit City have them? Costco’s? WalMart? BestBuy?
I’m talking real-life places, not online shops.
I’d like to know where to look when I’m in the States next

(Tom B.) #2

Good question, I’ve never bought them at a store Sebastian.

Why not drop Aly or Eric an e-mail and see if they can answer that for you.
As far as I know they sell them to on-line stores or their own website only.

(Søren) #3

I think that’s right. Think about it, Wild East produces 1000 copies (as far as I know). If they were to distribute through one of the major chains that would mean a copy a shop and all would be gone, wouldn’t it?