Le pistole non discutono western collection

(Bill san Antonio) #1

Does anyone have this box set? I’d like to know how’s the quality of the dvd’s.


films included are:

(Yodlaf Peterson) #2

Don’t know what its like yet but i will get it in the near future

(Sundance) #3

The quality is excellent. Well, atleast I think the discs are exactly the same that were previously available separately (some were released 3-5 months ago, Providence has been available for very long, the Bullets don’t argue is a very recent release though).

Here’s some screenshots:


(Søren) #4

Sounded too great, so have just ordered the box set from www.dvdland.it

(Søren) #5

Got the box today. It consists of a cardboard box containing the 5 dvd releases also available seperately. So identical.

(The Halitosis Kid) #6

I got this box set a while ago, here are my thoughts on the DVDs.

Duello Nel Texas 1963 Richard Blasco
Pre “A Fistful Of Dollars” film staring Richard Harrison, really quite enjoyable. American in style but with perhaps a hint of the true Spaghetti style yet to come.

Le Pistole Non Discutono 1964 Mario Caiano
This was the reason I bought the box set, shot at the same time as “A Fistful Of Dollars”. Despite Mario Caiano being good friends with Sergio Leone and there being some collaboration, this film is distinctly American in style. Caiano even admits this in the interview on the DVD. Staring Rod Cameron, enjoyable with slightly SW style elements, but the ending is far too feel-good for a Spaghetti.

7 Pistole Per I MacGregor 1966 Franco Giraldi
A comedy SW, some elements reminiscent of “The Beverly Hillbillies” but with good action scenes. Agata Flori who plays the character Rosita Carson is totally amazing ; )

7 Donne Per I MacGregor 1967 Franco Giraldi
Similar to above but with the added benefit of seven girls getting in on the action. Did I mention Agata Flori who plays the character Rosita Carson is totally amazing ; ) Great extras on this disc including some clapper-board films, giving a tiny insight behind the scenes on a SW shoot.

La Vita, A Volte E’ Molto Dura, Vero Provvidenza? 1972 Giulio Petroni
Tomas Milian stars as the Chaplin like bounty hunter Providence. I really enjoyed this comedy SW and for me it is the best movie in the box. Milian is totally crazy in this film and has some great lines of dialogue, “Eileen, Eileen, what a night in Aberdeen (sigh)”. Providence even makes reference to the “Trinity” films by stating to the Sheriff about a man depicted on a wanted poster “I know him (Trinity), he has a tall fat brother (Bambino), someday I’ll bring them to you, both of them”.

This box set can be picked up quite cheaply from some online retailers and represents really good value IMO. RHV have done a good job presenting these films in their original widescreen format (anamorphic) with high quality audio and visuals. On “7 Pistole…” the English audio goes out of sync for about three minutes near the beginning and the print used for the “…Providenza?” disc has a few editing glitches, however these faults are only slightly distracting. Each film has the option of English or Italian audio and all have music by Ennio Morricone. The DVDs have some interesting extras and even a couple of the Italian interviews have English subtitles. The discs themselves are nicely packaged in individual Amaray keep cases and each comes with an info sheet (7 Donne… has a small booklet instead of sheet). I hope the Italian Multimedia Company Ripley’s Home Video (RHV) release more SWs on DVD soon, personally I would like to see the second “Provvidenza” film with English audio.

(Bill san Antonio) #7

Good overview on the box, Halitosis Kid.

I have watched only “Le Pistole Non Discutono” myself so far. Good presentation and I liked the film too. Another boxed set from RHV would be more than welcome and maybe this time with 100% english-friendly extras. :wink:

(The Halitosis Kid) #8

Cheers Bill :slight_smile:
I would like to see more Italian DVD releases of SWs with English audio generally, judging by the lack of them there obviously isn’t a big market for SWs there. I once considered learning Italian so I could see more SWs, the fact is I’d probably be better learning German. There are loads of great German released SW DVDs with German audio only :wink:

(Silvanito) #9

Sounds like a great box set, think I’ll have to get it too :wink:

Of these I have only seen Providence and that was on an old vhs tape.

(Yodlaf Peterson) #10

i keep meaning to get this set but i dont have much money at the moment :frowning: