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(scherpschutter) #1501

I revised my review of Winnetou the Warrior (Winnetou 1. Teil)
I don’t think there are any copyright problems, but maybe Seb or any other expert on these matters might want to check things:

(Sebastian) #1502

should be fine. with old movie material there shouldn’t be an issue. the issue we’ve had that prompted my news-mail was a picture that was based on a recent photograph that was improperly cited (or not cited). But let’s be more careful from now on. I will post more guidelines soon and include better disclaimers and tutorials

(scherpschutter) #1503

The following Karl May Reviews have been revised :

(scherpschutter) #1504

Scherpschutter calling:

And this review completes the May reviewing of the Dutch jury

So the final results are:

  1. Winnetou I
  2. Old Surehand
  3. Treasure at Silver Lake
  4. Winnetou II
  5. Winnetou III
  6. The Oil Prince
  7. Old Shatterhand
  8. Among Vultures
  9. Winnetou in the Valley of Death
  10. Winnetou und sein Freund Old Firehand
  11. Winnetou und das Halbblut Apanatschi

(scherpschutter) #1505

Winnetou finished, but May still going strong

I continued my journey with this movie:

I also wrote a new synopsis for the main page (saves Stanton some trouble) and added a little comment:,_Der

(Stanton) #1506

Scherp, you have seen meanwhile more of these Karl May movies than I.

(scherpschutter) #1507

I had never seen these ‘Mexican’ movies, but they’re in the box with the Winnetou movies, so I might as well watch them
I have seen some of the Kara Ben Nemsi movies when I was young, but they never meant much to me; I tried to watch one a while ago (don’t even remember which one), but didn’t finish it

(Stanton) #1508

I even haven’t seen all of the westerns. They were part of my youth on TV, and we liked them very much cause of all the shooting, but later when I grew up I stopped watching them because all the cliches and the naive approach towards the genre.

There were for unknown reasons always the same ones on TV in the 70s. The last 3 were not shown then, and I think I only have later watched one of them. Somehow I’m still not very keen to close the gap, despite momentarily watching nearly every European western which crosses my way. I also won’t buy the Koch Teutonen collection.

(scherpschutter) #1509

To complete the list of reviews of Karl May westerns, I’ve also done the movies set in Mexico:

I’ll do some other things on May and his life & works for a future special, but for the moment I’ll return to the real stuff. Actually I’m already working on two Enzo Castellari movies (one revision, one new)

(Sebastian) #1510

noticed last week that i have all his books in my old room… i read many of his novels but not all… but they defined my childhood, as they did for many

(Stanton) #1511

I’ve read a few too as a teenager. Maybe 12 or 15.
I stopped when I grew a little bit older. There wasn’t enough sex and violence in them, and the storytelling was mostly too similar. And I wanted the bad guys shot and not killed by destiny. Maybe I wanted then the good guys to be killed too.

Winnetou’s death (uups a spoiler) was very touching, I spent him a few tears.

(scherpschutter) #1512

I read the stories first in strip form, in a children’s magazine called Sjors.
There were several series of strips published when I was young, and I still have some books. My cousin, who was a few years older, had the novels, they were published unabridged, in pocket form. He gave me a few novels to read first, and sold me the whole lot when he needed money for something else. I also had View Master discs of some Winnetou movies. I sold most of the novels later, because I thought I was no longer interested in them, but somehow Karl May kept coming back. I still have a handful of Winnetou and Kara Ben Nemsi novels (one in German, May is an easy read) and reread parts of them for these reviews. May is not a great writer, no, but he meant a lot to me when I was young and in a sense he still does. Along with Agatha Christie (I discovered her novels when I stopped reading May) and Edgar Rice Burroughs, he learned me how to read. Old Shatterhand was my first hero and I’m not sure that I would have become a western lover without the Winnetou novels. It all started there, in May Wonderful West.

(scherpschutter) #1513

One new, one old (but revised), a combination I want to apply more in the future: (revised),_I_saw,_I_shot_review (new)

(Commissioner) #1514

I’ve created an article for the book/soundtrack compilation “Morricone Western”. I think that’s fairly uncontroversial. I don’t actually have it, so a quick fact check by someone who does wouldn’t go amiss!

Also, possibly a quick check that the amazon links are set up right might be an idea.

I’ve filed it under OST. I guess it’s technically a compilation, so perhaps shouldn’t go there, but it seemed as good a place as any.

(Reverend Danite) #1515

[quote=“Commissioner, post:1514, topic:555”]

I don’t actually have it, so a quick fact check by someone who does wouldn’t go amiss![/quote]

It’s a nice item - despite the soundtrack the booklet is full of colour posters and ephemera and looks great.
I couldn’t find any reference to Una Pistola per Ringo being performed live in Allessandroni’s house in the booklet (unless I missed summat).
Interesting piece of trivia tho’ :slight_smile: - where did that bit of info come from?

(Commissioner) #1516

[quote=“Reverend Danite, post:1515, topic:555”]I couldn’t find any reference to Una Pistola per Ringo being performed live in Allessandroni’s house in the booklet (unless I missed summat).
Interesting piece of trivia tho’ :slight_smile: - where did that bit of info come from?[/quote]

I found it at:
I can’t find a more reliable source.

I guess it just means that version, which is presumably a different performance to the one on the film.

(Reverend Danite) #1517

Hmmmm - I don’t know where that seller got his info from??
I’ve rechecked - there’s nothing on the page of blurb written by AA, or on the dedicated page.
It says "Music composed by Ennio Morricone and directed by Bruno Nicolai. Performed by Alessandro Alessandroni."
No mention of his house.
I reckon he’s made that bit up, unless he’s got a different version to mine.

(Commissioner) #1518

I’ve removed the bit about his house, given that it look dubious.

(Reverend Danite) #1519

I heard he had a nice house :wink:

Sorry - I didn’t mean to be overly pedantic. I was just interested in that bit when I checked through. The rest seems good.
And good job with sticking this item in the database - it’s worth getting - nice compilation of music and images.

(Commissioner) #1520

I just added the DSX DVD to the California DVD page (only because I was looking for where to get a good version of the film, and that release didn’t seem to be there).

I’d think that’s a non-controversial change that I don’t need to announce here. Except, in general, the DSX DVDs don’t seem to be listed throughout the database (except on the page ). Is there a good reason for that, or is it just that no-one’s done it yet?