Koch Media Web Shop Question

Hi there Amigos in SW Land,

Has anyone here ever bought directly from the Koch Media website? I’m curious in getting some of their unique editions of their new SW series, but I don’t know if they ship to the US or not. I did check their shipping section and while I didn’t see the US listed, I know that some German sites have a special process for interested US customers. I’m hoping this is the case with Koch. I did E-Mail them recently, but I’m not sure if I’ll hear back. Thanks in advance for any help anyone can give me

No, they don’t ship to the States.


I looked into that as well in the past with no success. I eventually had to go the Amazon Germany route to get the titles I wanted. I just waited until I had a big enough order to make the shipping cost less painful.

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Thanks for the info, damn I was sure hoping for better news.

I like Amazon Germany too, but right now I think shipping is like close $20 bucks. Lately I’ve been using this this site,

Box Sets and Special Editions you may have to wait for a sale on, but generally their prices aren’t too bad, and shipping to the US is only $3.45 per order

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The problem is with the increase in Koch shop exclusives. Another burden is their policy of having the customers pay for their choice of verified mail (debatable if required for rated 18 material). I can order some of these for whoever wants me to ship it to them, but whichever way u spin it, its not a cheap exercise, and there is a customs risk. PM me if interested


I’m seriously considering that offer myself Sebastian, let me return the favor too by offering to get you something form the US or UK you might want to get. Thanks very much for the offer.

It is now listed as 29,99 but I need to find out if there will be at least an iota of English-friendliness on this… for the record of course the SWDb earns nothing from links to label shops


OK so the international (95min) Version will have English audio, but no subtitles. That’s it.