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And us Brits apparently. Our meaning of blind purchase would be the same as Chris describes. Nice for us to agree on the english language occasionally. The old adage of Britain and America being separated by a common language is usually pretty sound :slight_smile:

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[quote=“Chris_Casey, post:179, topic:1132”]Interesting. The meaning it would have for us Yanks is almost completely the opposite. Here if someone said they had made a “blind purchase” that would mean that they saw something in a store and just bought it on a whim without knowing anything about the product. A little like an impulse buy.[/quote]Exactly the same in England.

(Stanton) #183

I would use “blind purchase” for both ways here described. For something you have trust in without knowing, and for something you hope it will surprise you without knowing.

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Ich will ja nich allzu pingelig sein, Jungs, aber is det hier nich die Deutsche Ecke?!

(scherpschutter) #185

Aber Klementine!

(Dillinger) #186

Nee, die Klamentine is ja nich pingelig!

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Ich spreche German!

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And here it is (posted at lovelockandload)

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I freu mi a scho draufff !!! Soll jetzt doch zw. 03.-05. Februar geliefert werden ! :smiley:

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Today we find out who won the contest! :smiley:

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oh do we? damn… :slight_smile:

so who can still create pages on the database? i need to put my review online

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I am afraid nobody can. I tried to create pages by creating a new account. It didnt work… :-\

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i begin to suspect we got hacked

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btw: The DVD looks fantastic! Cant wait to get it! :smiley:

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SD come out, wherever you are…

Seriously, this is bad news if no one can create a page.

By the way, when do we find out who won?

(Sebastian) #198

i’ll take care of the contest. i have bigger worries right now however…

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That’s okay. Yep, sorting out this “not being able to create a page” problem is definatly more important. Good thing the SWDB Hall of Fame was set up just before the problem…

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so hier