Kill and Pray / Requiescant (Carlo Lizzani, 1967)

(Stanton) #21

It’s the Wild East, yes?

The Wild East has a Pal running time (no idea why) so it’s 106 min, and as far as I know it’s uncut, no longer version is known.

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[quote=“stanton, post:21, topic:323”]It’s the Wild East, yes?

The Wild East has a Pal running time (no idea why) so it’s 106 min, and as far as I know it’s uncut, no longer version is known.[/quote]

No the print I got was from Atlas visuals. I think they ripped it from a VHS tape.

WE version only is 106 minutes eh? It was listed as 114 on amazon. Hmm maybe my version isn’t as cut as I thought but I had the feeling from watching it that it was severely cut, for instance at the end Lou Castel rides off with the mexican woman for no reason, I assumed that I missed a cut scene where they shared a romance. I don’t know.


The first 30 minutes were boring as hell. Damon was OK, i also liked the scene with the noose game in the saloon. The score had some unlistenable parts while Castel seemed so harmless and clean. Far from spaghetti western entertainment as a whole. 2/5

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I agreed on 100% with Rev. Danite, I read Korano’s review, but I don’t see the political point in this film, only the biblical. Some like David (Castel role) and Goliah (Damon). The communism basic premiss is against social classes. Well, my point.

(korano) #25

My review is a little confusing I think but if its Communist like you and I say, that would make it political.

(Stanton) #26

But it’s obvious that Lizzani wanted to make lots of political statements with Requiescant. Even in the heavily cut 92 min german version there was no doubt about this.

(Dillinger) #27

Of course it’s political as well. The Question of chosing violence as a way of acting, then there’s the despot, and revolution.

(T.H) #28

I liked this one a lot. Not the typical SW and Mark Damon did a very good job as the bad guy.

(chuck connors brother) #29

Yeah I agree, I think this is Mark Damon at his best.

(Romaine Fielding) #30

Yes, it is quite a political film. Just, to me, not a particulary good one. Lizzani talks about Requiescant during an interview on L’America a Roma.
I find it’s “message” pretty confused. But it has lots of weird elements that make it Spaghetti-like (the aforementioned drunken shooting contest, for instance). If you like Luisa Barrata, she is quite gorgeous in this one (she’s the one holding the candlabra).
Two more weird "Spaghetti-eque touches: Mark Damon has a padded room (a padded room like in a mental hospital!) on his estate that he puts his hysterical wife into. I gotta get me one of those (a padded room, not a hysterical wife). And Damon sketches that beating/torture sessions as they are being done. He’s a sensitive guy.
Oh yeah, and Franco Citti plays with a barbie doll.
I thought the barbed wire was quite fetching on Princy.

(korano) #31

What about the implied homosexual relationship between Damon and his lead henchman whom Castel shoots in the barrom duel.

I suppose it is an amalgamation of political allegory and surreal. Which implies drug overtones which Weisser seems to get correct for once!

(Dillinger) #32

What do you mean by drug overtones?

(Romaine Fielding) #33

Yes, Korano, I don’t quite get what you mean either.

(korano) #34

Well…thats how Weisser put it. I’m sorry. Chew me up if you like :wink: :-[

But I suppose he is on to something. These overtones being most of the generally weird parts and maybe I was wrong in saying Drug. I am drawing a blank now.

(Dillinger) #35

Ok, it somehow is weird. Maybe the problem is, that I’ve never been that deep into drug consumption, so I can’t really judge if a flick is druggy or nor :wink:

(Dorado) #36

This one is very political, and the character Damon was made to portray is one of the most repulsive/vulgar characters in all SW’s (IMO he was made to look like a nazi officer).

(Starblack) #37

For me, this is one of the finest and most provocative of all Euro-Westerns. It toys with conventions, deconstructing the figure of the avenger/freedom fighter - Castel’s character surely fits nobody’s image of either of these archetypes - and boldly chucks in tracts on class conflict and political/racial oppression (sometimes too boldly for its own good).

I can understand why some people would run a mile from this amalgam of political cinema/countercultural excess, but I embrace it warmly as a quintessential example of Italian popular cinema of the Sixties.

And yes, Damon is brilliant here, blowing away every other performance he gave in Euro-Westerns.

(Dorado) #38

I agree on that, and even playing such a villain is something many actors would have avoided.

(korano) #39

Anyone know where to get this? Wild Easts DVD seems to be out and I’ve rented it enough times to know I ought to own it. Any help is appreciated.

(Major Clyde) #40

The Brazilian DVD (Ocean) shows up periodically on the Amazon marketplace, sold by an import firm in Miami specializing in Latin American disks. That’s where I got mine.