Keoma Unchained

Hello everyone,
Sorry if topic on that one already exists, but i couldn’t get the search form to function properly. Has anyone got any info on this one?
Sounds incredible!

Sounds fake :wink:

Here’s what Tom B wrote on Spaghetti Western Web Board:
“The word I received is Enzo Castellari’s film The Angel, the Brute and the Wise previously known as the Badlanders and Django Lives have joined together under a new production to make one film.”

I haven’t heard anything about Django Lives since it was announced, haven’t heard of the other 2. Still not sure how legit this is, and even if it is real, the likelihood of this actually getting done with that cast list is slim at best :stuck_out_tongue:

So this is basically the same project Nero and Castellari has been trying to make last 10-15 years. Cast makes it look like april’s fool joke.

Half of the cast will be playing corpses in the movie unless they get a move on.