Keoma (Enzo G. Castellari, 1976)

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Many thanks!!!

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Someone posted about the lyrics so I tried to get some of them from the songs that play during the movie… not one hundred per cent correct… English is not my first language and the male singer has some strong accent. That’s all I could catch so far.

The main theme*:

You are searching just for what you are
And you go from town to town
To find yourself
No… Keoma… Oh No…
Don’t go on, my boy…
Don’t Keoma, no(3x)

And when you find that love has gone away
The world is crumbling down
Around you Walk around your
Tears have no right to cry
The pain you see
The pain you feel
The wrong you do
The hurt you feel… now

You cannot do it for yourself
It’s not true
Try and turn the world the other way.
You can’t think of being the one man
Who has got the only right to live.

Now you have done already what you should have
Male voice: (? be and I must work on and on)
You’ve done even more than you could do, boy
Male voice: (Once more and I’m not a coward now)
Stop your fighting and find, find your place now
Male voice: (I have love to give but…???..)
When there is no way to end your mistakes
Male voice: (I’ve been living…??..)

Do you remember that I saved you once a time?
But I can’t help this time if you don’t stop
I don’t want, I don’t want now to take your life away… no… I won’t this time…

Male voice:
What is in me that can’t stop to follow those
Who destroyed the life of the one I love
What is war and I know the man who can live to fight and like it
I want peace, I want love
I want peace, I want love.

The part That Keoma saves Lisa after the bandits kill her husband:

When the laughter turn to desperate cry
That’s the moment when your ego is satisfied
No, that’s not right. No, that’s not right.
Ain’t no good to kill, ain’t no good to cry. Ain’t no good to Save.
Ain’t no good to try to save a woman who is gonna die in pain and …?..
A woman that … has(?) a life inside herself already alive
That you can take, that you can save without a goal to keep her heart warm.

In this town you won’t find pity anywhere.
Everyone will want your hide, boy
And everyone will want her life, every time, every night.

When Keoma visits his father and the bandits take the woman to the mine and he goes to save her again:

You came back and she’s not there. They came and took her far away
And your friend tried to …?.. He was alone they were a lot. Nowhere to go
No what to say, you try to save her once again, Keoma.

Now you’re riding to the ? where the zombies are walking slowly and
asking when will I die, when will he ?. Will he ? for me.

Don’t you know they are gonna kill her now? Maybe they’ve already done it. So why don’t you go
It’s too late, boy. It’s to late, boy.

(this next sentence I didn’t catch anything, just random words)
? crazy way ? …not believe me. Now I tell you just ?_ to take your life

When Keoma saves her and they ride the horse together

Male voice:

Now I went through it and what more do you want from me?
You can see how I was right. She’s here besides me and she’s quiet now. Yes she’s quite now
yes she’s… (Female voice) quiet and you…
What you think you’ve done…

Female and male:
She reminds me of my mom style. She’s so beautiful and kind… and in her eyes… there’s the answer…
Yes, the answer… to my life…
To my life.

After he fights his brothers

There’s my father, and my brothers and me.
Tell me now, father, why they hate me so.
Now I wonder why, I am in this mess.

When Keoma runs and hide with his dad*

Now it’s time to run away from here, oh boy.
in this land you’ll find …?..

Now you’ve got your father’s love and you’re taking her with you
Yes you could, in the end, easy the evil and the pain, run away, run away, run as far as you can.

**** When Keoma duels all those guys****

Yeah, I’m here
In front of these men.
Gun in hand
And waiting for what will be
Back in my mind I see memories
Of bodies on the ground
And you, you’re there…
Waiting for, who will take me away.
Feeling inside, I’m turning cold
Something asks me why
Why you’re here now
With will to kill.

When they get his father

You can see how far you’ve got you now
With your blood thirst for justice, how far you got
Aren’t you sorry? Aren’t you sorry?
Now you mourn your pa
Now you mourn your pa
Now you mourn your life

Now you will pay for what you’ve done
and what’s wrong
Your dream of building something strong, when in your life you mesh together
love and freedom, justice
And you thought it was possible
to have them all together all your life long

It would be so nice to taste
freedom in each way that you can
it would be so nice to taste freedom, justice, and a bit of love

When you think you reached your goal now
That’s the moment when you lost
Cause your pa was here at least and always ran to take you.
You must know and you ?
You lost reason, oh boy… Keoma…

Male voice:
Now that I’ve seen him on ground
My old man dead with love for my own life
Even my tears are afraid to come to see that body in front of me
Now I don’t care what’s gonna happen
You can take me I wanna die
Wanna die
Wanna die
Wanna die

It’s so hard that you accept that
What’s your use in this world, against your own
It’s so hard
Yes it’s so hard,
It’s hard my boy
(wanna die)

When the brothers show the body to Keoma

Now I want you here my black lady
Don’t this time.
Come (?) take my life, don’t take his (?)

I want to reach my father
Don’t wanna stay in this world
Well, are you… take me to
Wanna die
I don’t care, I don’t care at all

And perhaps I _?__what I was looking for
But I cannot end it now. Too late.

When Keoma is tied up on the wheel and the woman goes to save him

Eyes for eyes and now is up to you.
As you’re running to the town to set him free.
It’s your turn now… to save Keoma
Got a chance now
To save Keoma
Got a chance now
To save Keoma

And you know it’s coming to an end
And you know how strong the pain you have
And you know that pain is ? love
And you know that suffering is love

Yes, perhaps the ? and ?
The source of pain, the source of love
And you Keoma, you my boy
You wanna die or you wanna live?
Don’t you feel you’ve done it all
Don’t you feel the time has come to love.

And then when the movie ends they play the main theme again.
If someone wants to correct this and;or complete the parts I couldn’t that would be great.

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[quote=“Rheumatic_Chimpanzee, post:222, topic:311”]Someone posted about the lyrics so I tried to get some of them from the songs that play during the movie… not one hundred per cent correct… English is not my first language and the male singer has some strong accent. That’s all I could catch so far.[/quote]I doubt the singers first language is English either, wouldn’t worry too much, it’s hard to hear what he’s saying for some of us who’s first language is English even ;D

Welcome to the forum btw :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your efforts Rheumatic. I remember I tried to decipher the lyrics of the mannaja soundtrack and it was like pulling teeth lol.

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Wow this is an interesting thread. Took me a long time to read it all. I just wanted to say I love the movie and the soundtrack. The music is weird and a little cheesy, but it’s one of the richest and most unique soundtracks. Keoma rocks! (in a very dark and disturbing way).

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I re-watched Keoma yesterday, it was the second time I watched this one. Previously I didn’t really like the soundtrack because it almost felt comical to me, but surprisingly this time even the soundtrack felt better and like an integral part of the story to me. It’s the great and almost dreamlike atmosphere what makes Keoma stand out from the generic Spaghetti Westerns. Still I have to say that even this time the plot dragged a little bit, and that could be the only weak point of Keoma in my opinion. All in all this late Spaghetti Western felt better to me on a second viewing, last time I gave about 3/5 stars but now I’ll have to give this 4 out of 5 stars.

Re-watching Keoma made me think about watching Jonathan of Bears for the first time, I guess I’ll have to do it now when I’m in the right kind of mood for these movies. :slight_smile:

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I forgot how brilliant Keoma was. Just finished watching it.

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The theme song is one of the weirdest songs I’ve ever heard. Just when you think it doesn’t get any weirder, it does.

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I hated it at first but it grew on me. I like it a lot now but not as much as Mannaja’s main theme.

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It’s just so strange to me, that I do kind of like it.

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I know exactly what you mean. It sounds like Kate Bush and Arnold Schwarzenegger teaming up to sing Leonard Cohen songs.

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I described it more as Yoko Ono singing Tiny Tim and accompanied by a Dalek doing Tuvan throat singing.

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Hahaha brilliant! :grin:

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Thanks! It’s really great job!

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I am from that strange people who like this soundtrack, but your version is really hilarious

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The soundtrack grew on me over time. Along with The Big Gundown, Keoma is actually my favourite non-Leone spaghetti.

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A fine late SW with its enjoyable sing-a-long soundtrack and Peckinpah style slo-mo. This shares some of the supporting players with the director’s The Heroin Busters but I did not spot Domenico Cianfriglia or recognize Angelo Ragusa.


I love this film more every time I watch it. And I remember Nero said it’s his personal favourite from his career.

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It’s good. The characters and story structure are all interesting. There are possible supernatural elements which make it soundtrack. It has the same downbeat tone as Django but has a passionate soul. And of course it has a singer named Guy doing his best Terminator impression.

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It’s not Guide de Angelis it’s Guy.
I’m quoting Tom Betts here:
GUY (Cesare De Natale) [1/8/1943, Florence, Tuscany, Italy - ] – composer, lyricist, member of “Hollipops”, duet “Sybil and Guy” (aka “Susan and Guy), also the group “Dandylion”, married to singer Susan Duncan Smith (1987- ).