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I was looking for more information on this Spanish actor. I noticed he does not have a Database page of his own. A good Spanish actor I thought should have his own page.

I included links to some of the movies he was in. I might have missed some. :man_shrugging:

La Montaña sin ley

El Llanero

Texas, addio

Il pistolero dell’Ave Maria

Il prezzo del potere

Una ragione per vivere e una per morire


thanks for the suggestion. Done as told :slight_smile: Category:José Suárez - The Spaghetti Western Database

That was fast, thanks! :+1:

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that’s how we roll. thank you for the suggestion, this is a team effort. Input is always very much appreciated

SUAREZ, José (aka Joseph Mitchell, José Suárez) (José Lisandro Suárez Sánchez) [9/12/1919, Trubia, Asturias, Spain – 8/6/1981, Moreda, Asturias, Spain] – film, TV actor, politician, married to interior designer María Luisa Vázquez [19??-2001] (1950-1981) father of María Eugenia Suárez, elected mayor of Moreda, Spain.