John Zorn plays Ennio Morricone [CD]

(Sebastian) #1

My dad had this CD for ages now, but recently popped it in a few days after I made him watch The Big Gundown.

the cd is called


Click this Amazon link for a tracklist and description (and buy it if you like):[/url]

or (for Germany), there’s also the original German CD: [url=]Amazon.de (both are a bit rare)

I have to say that CD is highly experimental stuff, not for everybody’s ears, you better test-hear this. unless you like weird stuff jazz music you will be turned away by this, especially since the morricone elements are sometimes highly distorted by his interpretation. but the morricone fan will recognize all tracks…

(alk0) #2

Zorn makes music that’s highly experimental and dissonant most of the time. For example he used to mix free jazz with extreme metal, but sometimes he releases album full of easy-lstening music. I think this guy makes lots of interesting music, but to be honest i don’t think too highly of his “The big gundown” album. He tried to make great Morricone tracks too avantgarde and it didn’t work as much as it was supposed to.

(Stanton) #3

I like it.

(Stanton) #4

Oh, I’ve just seen that this is an expanded version. Mine has only 10 tracks and ends with OuaTitW. And the new cover looks much better.

(alk0) #5

I didn’t mean to say i dislike it. I just wanted to say that i think he had better albums in his discography containing of over 500 albums :stuck_out_tongue:

(Yodlaf Peterson) #6

over 500 albums! Fucking hell is he another James Last or something.

I just ordered this cd.

(alk0) #7

I love the fact that he played such a diverse music in his career that everyone will find something for his liking. My personal faves are: “Naked City” [interesitng avant-jazz/metal hybrid] and “The Gift” [album containing oldschool 50s-like surf music].

(Chris_Casey) #8

Yes, that is what I like about Zorn, also. My personal favorites are the same as yours alk0! I also like his “Spillane” album (if for nothing else…he uses a cool photo of my favorite Japanese actor, Shishido Jo on the cover!).


Just listened to a friends copy of this, and I for one will not be making a purchase!

Do not like the arrangements one bit, which I find very obtrusive.

(Yodlaf Peterson) #10

I enjoyed listening to it but i preffered the Crime covers to the western ones though.