Italian DVDs

Does anyone know of a good source to buy Italian DVD releases of spaghetti westerns? I’ve looked before and couldn’t really find anything. Often I can’t even find any information at all on Italian releases…

I have bought most of mine from Kultvideo or

Kultvideo updated their site (appearance and code) recently and apparently lost most of their disc data in the process (by accident). I think they are slowly adding them all back, can’t say how much is missing right now and maybe some of the OOP discs won’t show up anymore (so you can’t know what to look for at Ebay…). I’m slightly annoyed by all this because I was just going to order lots of stuff from there when it went down couple of weeks ago and now I might miss something I wanted earlier. ;D

And is much more expensive for some of the titles and they send only with courier (Fedex, DHL or UPS, none of which are very expensive to Finland but might be to elsewhere). Plus the selection on Kultvideo used to be better in general (not necessarily with spaghetti westerns). And no OOP discs listed.

Thanks Sundance, I will have a look at those sites and see what they have. There are a few titles I’d like to get like Bounty Killer in Trinity, Quintana and some others… but I have a feeling those may be out of print… But also curious as to what’s out there.

I think the only Italian Quintana disc available is one of those discs that wasn’t available from online stores. Well, I think it was possible to buy it directly from the company that released it but I’m not sure if that was only for Italy. Fabbri is/was the company, not sure if their discs were part of magazines or what the deal was.

Another similar company is H&W (Hobby and Work?) which has released several dozens of discs but these weren’t available at online stores either and from my experience are very rare at Ebay as well… and once there is one it went so high prices that I had to give up. The quality on the discs isn’t really good usually but they have several of movies released that doesn’t have any other releases. And this includes other genres besides spaghetti westerns. I bought Dallamano’s Si può essere più bastardi dell’ispettore Cliff? for around 30euros or something. ;D

At least one of Mauri’s Holy Ghosts was available, then one Steffen movie I can’t remember the title for, Garko’s Holy Ghost was also maybe uncut (as the spanish disc and the fan disc made from it is missing lots of minutes), and some others which I can’t remember now… Oh yeah, Fabbri released Giarrettiera Colt in very good looking disc.

Then there is a company called Quinto Pinto or something like that, they have released at least Gatling Gun and maybe some others, but the only place I remember seeing their discs is Kultvideo and Ebay.

Kultvideo has had some of these discs available at some point.

All good info to know. I currently know nothing about Italian releases… That makes sense about the DVDs not being available online though, as I’ve never been able to find any info on the releases I’ve looked for

Talk about rare re some of these discs !