Is the Western on Its Way Back?

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Here is the trailer

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Could be a good one. Trailer looks more promising than usual

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Horror specialist Ti West (The House of the Devil, The Innkeepers, The Sacrament) brings us In a Valley of Violence, starring Ethan Hawke and John Travolta. Due in September according to the IMDb, but there are some reviews knocking about already from the festival screenings. Looks interesting.

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Another couple:

A Kris Kristofferson picture which came out at the start of last month called Traded (Timothy Woodward, Jr.)…

…And a Dutch movie still in post-production called Brimstone (Martin Koolhoven), featuring Guy Pierce, Dakota Fanning and Game of Thrones duo Carice “Melisandre” van Houten and Kit “Jon Snow” Harington.

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Interview in Cowboys & Indians with Ti West regarding new western In a Valley of Violence:

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Review of the Eastwood flick


I don’t know if it’s on its way back to its former glories, but there are surely some titles that I enjoyed as much as some of the classics. Stuff like APPALOOSA, HATFIELDS & MCCOYS, BONE TOMAHAWK, THE SALVATION or OPEN RANGE may even find a spot in a top-list of mine.

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Stretching the parameters of the term “western” now since it looks like more of a Buffy-lite, but whatever it takes to get “tha kidz” into the genre, and with that in mind… Wynonna Earp, anyone?


has anybody seen this?


has anyone seen this?


this looks different.


anyone seen this?

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In a Valley of Violence isn’t released until the middle of October now, I think, so unless anyone has caught it at a film festival it’s doubtful anyone’s seen it yet. A few of us have seen Forsaken, I personally didn’t rate it but I think @Admin enjoyed it. I haven’t yet seen Diablo but that one’s been knocking around for a while now and I think quite a few of the gentlemen on here have seen it. I think reviews were mixed, I could be mistaken.

I’m not familiar at all with Kill or be Killed.


This might be good



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Uli saw it in Cannes and liked it

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yes, reviewed it on, will translate it for

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This reply touches on what I think may, or hopefully eventually will, happen. It needs to just become a permanent acceptable go to thematic option, instead of a genre that comes back, and subsequently goes away. Like when a martial arts movie comes out we don’t think “shaw bros kung fu flicks are back”… they are just always with us forevermore.

I also think the myriad of new westerns, many direct to streaming and not on the OP’s list, are really poorly done, which doesn’t help boost the supply and demand. I also fully admit this perception could be my bias to Spaghetti Western though, as the contemporary westerns I see are so flooded with perfectly laundered wardrobe from, shiny wear free chrome blank-firing weapons from along with their poorly executed cgi muzzle flashes set against the same fakey-looking relatively clean old west rent-a-town movie set - that I just become more and more disenchanted… and bitter.

Maybe niche… or “cult” is the answer - and man I have always felt Spaghettis are an untapped peg for that pigeon hole. if only more filmmakers knew about/embraced them for what they really are. I mean if an exec/distributor never heard of a Spaghetti Western and someone had just wrapped one up, a good one that wears its homages on its sleeve, they could easily pitch it as a Psychedelic Mad Max Samurai film set in an anachronistic southwest. How could that not sell! :wink:

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Brimstone review

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The Western never really left…