Is the Western on Its Way Back?

(SourNote2014) #41

Seems likely, although only a handful will actually stand out.

(Sebastian) #42

Here is a review of Diablo

(Novecento) #43

Surprised no-one mentioned David Michod’s “The Rover”

It’s really a post-western, set in Australia after “the collapse”, but it is certainly within the western genre.

One of the best films I’ve seen in a very long time - lean script with great visual style.

(Sebastian) #44

Yea I liked it, but didnt think of it as a Western. You might be right though.

(titoli) #45

Many movies can be seen as neo-western. Every “road movie” is a western with cars and bikes instead of horses. Lots of action\crime movies are westerns in essence. Also post-appocalyptic movies. Mad Max is a western, Costner’s Postman is Western, Dirty Harry is a western.

I say we stick to the basics: Horses, guns and hats.

(SourNote2014) #46

What’s more, cowboy’s fashions were the inspiration for last summer.

(Novecento) #47

True. Although Guy Pearce was playing a “man with no name” and also as part of the plot “a man with no car” for that matter. :grin:

(Stanton) #48

Some post westerns are real westerns, for some it depends, others are clearly not.

The Proposition is a western for me, No Country for Old Men not, and in case of 3 Burials it depends

(Sebastian) #49

THE DUEL looks rather dark

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More articles along these lines

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Ridley Scott will also make a western!

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New review: JANE GOT A GUN

(scherpschutter) #53

Looking forward to it, even though I heard some negative things about it

This problem with dialogue is becoming a recurring thing. I thought for a while it had something to do with those surround tracks people were very fond of (a bleeb here and an explosion there), but this 5.1 or 7.1 madness seems to be over its peak and we still get tracks with dialogue that is virtually incompehensible.

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And some more news about that Netflix show

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Pierce Brosnan to star in AMC 10-part series The Son, scheduled to air in 2017:


Promising. Based on the novel The Son by Philipp Meyer. Brosnan gives a fine performance in Seraphim Falls; haven’t seen Grey Owl.

(Asa) #57

Absolutely (I haven’t seen Grey Owl either). In fact I struggle to think of a Brosnan performance I didn’t like. Up until last year I’d never seen a single Bond movie and, in committing to doing so, I was informed by all and sundry that the Brosnan-era Bond films were, by and large, utter sh*t. And you know what? They were. :smile: BUT. Pierce Brosnan himself was good throughout, imo. To paraphrase Ice-T: His films had 99 problems, but James Bond wasn’t one.

EDIT: Oh hang on, just thought of a Brosnan performance I didn’t like: ***Mamma Mia!*. Ooh, I fcking HATED that movie, and everyone in it. And why in shtting crikey did anybody let Pierce sing? He sounded profoundly disturbed. I know I was after I heard him.

(chuck connors brother) #58

I’ll probably watch anything with him in it, ever since seeing him in The Matador… at least his hilarious singing is the only thing worth watching in Mamma Mia

(Sebastian) #59

The western seems to be the Eastwood family business


Outlaws and Angels seems to be the feature-length film debut of director JT Mollner. According to Variety, the movie is “a Grand Guignol nod to spaghetti Westerns.”