Is Red Sun considered a spaghetti western?

(TheBigSmokedown) #1

Only reason I ask is it seems a bit neglected on this site, but I’ve seen it mentioned on others.

(Stanton) #2

Check the film’s thread:,413.0.html

And copy your question to this thread in case you haven’t find an answer there.

(TheBigSmokedown) #3

Thanks, I didn’t see that topic. It looks like there’s been a lengthy discussion on this point and the general consensus is that’s a Eurowestern with some spaghetti elements.

(sartana1968) #4

no it’s an american western and not spaghetti, also the sounds of the gun when firing it’s too american

(I love you M.E. Kay) #5

Well, I don’t know much about the film, but judging by a quick look on IMDB the film is a French/Italian/Spanish co-production. So yeah, it’s not an American western.

(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #6

Its not a spaghetti western but it is a eurowestern.

(egrorian) #7

I never even thought to consider it as a SW but a great film - one of my favourite westerns, and the magnificent closing shot with the samurai sword suspended on the wire as the train pulls in deserves a special mention.

(Provvidenza) #8

I’d say it was a Eurowestern, btw has anyone bought the recent UK Optimum Home Entertainment DVD release? Any details, reviews or screen shots?

(Silence) #9

I would also call this a Euro Western, but no Spaghetti.