The German Koch DVD and the French Seven DVD use the same picture master for this movie. (You can see identical spot-blemishes in the transfer).
So if you have either of these versions, then please spool down to the bit where Gemma first goes to his home and kneels down at the cemetery. A bandit rides by and lassoos him, dragging him behind his horse and up to the main door, where George Martin and the rest of the hombres are standing around.
There’s a shot of Ringo on the ground, then close-ups of the bandits, and then George Martin speaks to Ringo, and the camera cuts to… Whoops what’s that?
It should be a close-up of Ringo rising into frame, since it’s his voice we hear speaking on the soundtrack, but it’s actually a shot of an out-of-focus background of trees, with no-one in there.
Since the Koch media version is supposed to be “re-mastered and restored”, I can only assume that the error occurred in the original negative cutting.
I’ve only ever seen the movie in Pan & Scan before, so the shot always looked like a Pan & Scan error, but now the widescreen version has given an entirely different slant to the matter.

I was also wondering about that! It’s on the new Koch Media Release as well. :slight_smile:

I have a german Pay TV recording and it’s the same.

But it’s only a very, very short shot. You just see at the beginning of the shot at the botztom a head disappearing downwards out of the frame. Seems to be the rest of a longer shot.

Strange, but I haven’t noticed it before, cause of the quick cutting back to Sancho.