Il bianco il giallo il nero

(warrior) #1

aka samurai

hi guys
has this movie been released on dvd?

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(The Man With a Name) #3

Which is better, the EMS or Millenium Storm DVD?

(warrior) #4

I don’t understand your movie

(The Man With a Name) #5

My movie? I was asking Sebastian since you brought up this film.



(warrior) #7

is this “samurai” movie any good?

(Bill san Antonio) #8

Not really. Good cast and crew wasted on stupid comedy.

(The Man With a Name) #9

Never watched it myself. I know I’ll have to get it eventually just to see for myself. Do you know if the picture/sound quality is better on the Italian or German release or are they more or less equal?

(warrior) #10

pic looks the same as my days of vengeance .sound is perfect.

(Sebastian) #11

See a whole topic about this film here:


This was Corbucci’s last Western. It is not very good, and it is also very politically incorrect (more so than some other Spaghetti Westerns). There is a crummy quality version of this film on Amazon Prime video.

(Stanton) #13

It’s more a comedy than a western, unfortunately in neither respect of any interest.

(ENNIOO) #14

If you have plenty of beer in stock…by all means give the movie a watch :grinning:

(Sartana) #15

I have a DVD from the pan and scam VHS. It’s a bad movie and I doubt a widescreen DVD or Blu-ray would improve it.

(Andy) #16

It’s hard to believe the same man who made Django and Il Grande Silenzio made this…