If you could remake any classics, who would you cast as the mains?

This is JUST FOR FUN, so if you’re going to leave comments like “We don’t need a remake, it’ll ruin the film’s reputation”, don’t bother. ;D

The Third Man:
Holly Martins - Johnny Depp
Harry Lime - Michael Madsen
Anna Schmidt - Marion Cotillard

Devlin - Clive Owen
Alicia Huberman - …
Alex Sebastian - Joe Pesci

A movie remake from hell:

“Citizen Kane” dir. Michael Winner (or Kevin Costner)

Kane: Kevin Costner

Leland: Michael Caine

Gettys: Arnold Schwarzenegger

I’ll try to think up some more casting choices.

I’d remake Lawrence of arabia and Cast Michael Bay as the Arab in all that hot clothing with Steven spielberg, and every other huge Hollywood director and put them in REAL sand dunes that AREN"T CGI. See how they like that! Shit heads!

On a serious note:

The Killers

Swede:Russel Crowe

Reardon:Daniel Day Lewis

Kitty:Scarlett Johnasson

Lady from Shanghai:

Michael:Timotyh Olyphant (A guy who just goes up to tthe camera and says his lines rather well)

Rosalie:Keira Knightley?

Arthur:Brendan Gleeson?

I would put Thomas Milian in the mercenary instead of Tony Musante.

Even though Thomas Milian is not my favourite choice in westerns, this may have been good.