If westerns were still popular


Found a new(2005) “western” called the PROPOSITION while searching imdb.3 brothers on the australian frontier are accused of rape and murder ,2 of the brothers are arrested and sentenced to die,the other escapes.the oldest brother is given a choice to hunt down the other brother that escaped in exchange for the youngest brothers life.GUY PIERCE is in the lead role.story was written by muscian nick cave. sounds pretty cool, average rating is 7.5 thats pretty high.

(Silvanito) #22

Yes I heard about this film when it was released, but i haven’t seen it.

They say it’s a bit influenced by Leone in it’s atmosphere, but to me this film doesn’t seem so interesting.

(the_Gunslinger) #23

I am pretty sure you could find plenty of “no names” that have a great look. Look at the freaking extras in the doller series, and Once upon a time in the west. Jeese, they look so grity! Awsome!

(CJ_076) #24

Said perfectly.

(CJ_076) #25

I think he would be great in the genre. He just seems like a perfect fit for it.

(CJ_076) #26

I’m grabbing the DVD when it comes out, the trailer got me hooked. I even cut out the full-page ad on it from the newspaper and hung it on my wall.

(me) #27

I loved Val Kilmer in Tombstone he would be a great western star

Edit: Wish he was in more western movies

(Phil H) #28

Just been looking over this old topic and was surprised no one suggested Jeff Bridges. He did a pretty good job in Wild Bill and has the right laconic style about him. Plus, he is one of my favourite American actors. he would be great in westerns.

(Yodlaf Peterson) #29

i don’t know really, but i think Deco who plays for Barcelona would make a good mexican bandit!

(Phil H) #30

Or maybe Milan’s Gattusso?

(Phil H) #31

I started thinking about this old topic again but this time my mind wandered to the question “Who would make a good bad guy if they were still making Spaghetti style westerns?”

Jack Nicholson would make a great town boss I think.
Benicio Del Toro as a hired gunfighter.
Dennis Hopper as anything.
David Carradine as a Bounty Killer.

Any other suggestions?

(The Gun) #32

Michael Madsen, Harvey Keitel, Kurt Russell…Liam Neeson and Guy Pearce were good in Seraphim Falls and The Proposition respectively.

(seanmallory) #33

Harrison Ford as old good guy and master of the Hero.
Benicio Del Toro as mexican bandit.
Julio César Cedillo as good mexican hero.
Sean Bean as bad guy.
Harvey Keitel as corrupted sheriff.
Ewan McGregor as ex-bandit, now lawman - like Pat Garrett. ;D
Michael Madsen as bad guy.
David Carradine as head villain.
Tim Roth as a looser bandit. (Executed or killed in the first 10 minutes)
Tommy Lee Jones as lawman or bounty hunter - good of course. And something in the past - Carradine killed somebody, who he loved once…
Danny Trejo as mexican bandit or soldier (if it’s a Zapata western)
Lou Diamond Phillips as half-breed.
Samuel L. Jackson as religious bandit
Ving Rhames as bandit
Hayden Christensen as young outlaw (with E3 hair)

(Phil H) #34

I love it. Harvey Keitel is a definite. Sean Bean I can see too but I’m not so sure about Ewan McGregor.

How about Gael Garcia Bernal as the young hero?

(Yodlaf Peterson) #35

Luiz Guzman and Danny Trejo as a pair of ruthless Mexican bandits.

(alk0) #36

I would also love to see Robert Davi as a Mecixan bandit, it would have been something

(seanmallory) #37

And what about Kris Kristofferson as an old minstrel? Walking through the West and singin’ ballads.

(Yodlaf Peterson) #38

Adreinne Barbeau as an aged prostitute in the Saloon?

(ENNIOO) #39

Clint Eastwood as a town drunk, who thinks he a fast shooter (so to speak).

(seanmallory) #40

Ernest Borgnine and Eli Wallach as old grandfathers, who were great gunslingers a long time ago… (in a galax… um, that’s an other story ;)) And they must take their guns once again and go to fight…