I just bought.... (the CD/LP shopping diary!)


We were all wrong :slightly_smiling_face:


Google Translate ? I do enjoy wonky English :grinning:

“Thanks to the listening experience of the music, the viewer gets so involved in the story that he forget being are even in the theatre.”


Someone needs to put that on a t-shirt :smile:

English translation by Josh Mitchell according to the next page…


Perhaps ‘Josh’ just does these translations for extra pocket money, after he’s finished all his homework and chores of course. :crazy_face:

PS: If he’s related to Duke Mitchell, I take that back and apologise profusely :wink:


And if he’s related to Joni Mitchell? :wink:


Less chance of getting ‘whacked’ by hippie Joni, but you never know - she may have gotten mean in her old age … :worried:

(Søren) #325

He’s done liner notes for a whole bunch of Italian soundtrack releases it seems:

I think I have the vast majority of those but I have to admit I seldom take the time reading the ‘booklets’.


She wouldn’t have lasted long in a Corbucci movie…

They’re usually nothing but a few stills from the movie and a brief plot outline anyway.


Unless the bandits tried to pave paradise, then her acoustic guitar would have converted to a machine gun … ‘Adios malditos’ :wink:

(Søren) #328

True. Some companies do make something out of them though. Quartet Records for example does put some effort into their releases.

(Nick) #329

Penta Music and Digitmovies releases also put some nice work into the linear notes, along with the Beat Records Gold Series releases.

(Søren) #330

Just got the Là dove non batte il sole / Un animale chiamato uomo release:

(Sebastian) #331

What’s the best soundtrack release this year? Maybe it could be added:

(Nick) #332

One hundred percent the best release was Sono Sartana Il Vostro Becchino. Super unexpected (I knew it was being released a little while before it was announced lol). I’ll throw that over on the shopping guide thread soon.

(Søren) #333

Finally a new addition to my sw soundtrack collection. The re-released Zorro score:

(Bill san Antonio) #334

I have old lp-release of this. Found it on flea market. It’s a good one.


Expanded edition:


(Nick) #336

Lucky duck. Looks like you’re living in a cardboard box now after paying the price for that release lol


I found it for a fair price from a German eBay seller. But the people on Discgos and Amazon are just deranged.

(Søren) #338

Just received these two Penta Music releases :

Per pochi dollari ancora
L’odio è il mio Dio