I Just Bought … (Non-SW Shopping Diary)

(Bill san Antonio) #2943

Lizard in Womans Skin is the best one out of these. Not sure if I’ve seen Eyeball though.


Since The Case of the Bloody Iris was directed by Carnimeo, I’m quite intrigued.


I like the poster’s claim, “Fenech as you have never seen before!”, WITH her clothes on, perhaps ? :laughing:

(Mickey13) #2946

I think LaserDisc is a good compromise. The image is still fairly sharp, but at the same time you retain that vintage smudge or whatever. And yeah, I love VHS quality for whatever reason and miss my old VHS player.

(Asa) #2947

New blu-rays:

(Asa) #2948

New blu-rays:

(Søren) #2949

A couple of new Italian masterpieces has turned up within the last few days:

Vampire gegen Herakles
Rats - Night of Terror

AC_US218 AC_US218

(Sebastian) #2950

in fact I went for the Arrow Xmas Sale (dont ask me why), spent some awards points, and got the Ringo double feature and The Killers with Lee Marvin :slight_smile:

(kevenz) #2951

I watched Hercules versus the Vampires blu ray last week and it’s actually pretty good… lots of nice visual effect for the time… and I just love the Mario Bava’s colors :slight_smile:

(Søren) #2952

Will look forward to be giving it a spin then :slight_smile:

(Sebastian) #2953

I ordered me some Warner Archive… Wait until Dark and… of course… Dark of the Sun :slight_smile:

(djvaso) #2954

Some rare stuff:



(Andy) #2955

I understand completely. I only have a 32" screen and it’s 720p! Upscaled DVDs don’t look that bad on it. But I still have this 3 shelves of blu-rays because I guess I like collecting as a hobby but I went way too far last summer. I have one spaghetti blu-ray in mind that I want to get and that’s A Minute to Pray, a Second to Die and that one I have never had on DVD or VHS. I’ve bought a few Star Trek blu-rays recently but that’s been all. autephex, I never watched spaghetti westerns on VHS before in my life so I have no nostalgia for that. But I understand your frustration with having to re-buy stuff. If I ever get into 4K it won’t be for several years in the future.

(Asa) #2956

New blu-ray:

Just ordered (comes out in March):

(Asa) #2957

Just ordered (comes out in March):

(Asa) #2958

Just ordered:

(Asa) #2959

New blu-rays:

(There’s actually four films in this set: Once Upon a Time in China parts 1, 2 & 3, and Once Upon a Time in China and America)

Neglected to mention that I got a couple of blu-rays for Christmas too:

(Andy) #2960

New blu-ray released last month by Scream Factory: Hammer’s Dracula: Prince of Darkness


(Asa) #2961

New blu-rays:


Still supporting my local HMV, while it lasts…