I Just Bought … (Non-SW Shopping Diary)

(Søren) #2968

An upgrade from the dvd so been there done that :slight_smile:




(Asa) #2970

New blu-ray:

(Asa) #2971

New blu-rays:


Fucking hate the slipcover artwork, but I’m glad this finally got a blu-ray release.

(tomas) #2973

Jesse fucking James, don’t know the movie, but the artwork really isn’t inspired at all.


It’s a Jungle adventure flick with cannibals, and it gets marketed as a senseless gore fest.

Here’s the better title & artwork:

(Søren) #2975

That is also on my wish list. Got the Danish poster for it by the way:

The title translates to the last cannibals of the world which corresponds well with the original Italian title Ultimo mondo cannibale.


Yes The Last Cannibal World was always my favourite title for it. I had given up hope as Code Red announced this back in 2016. No wonder collectors and even other labels take the piss out of them.

(Søren) #2977

Code Red releases bundles of stuff though. I think the ridicule comes more from Bill Olsen, who basically is Code Red, being quite a character :slight_smile:


(Asa) #2979

New blu-ray:

(morgan) #2980

(Andy) #2981

New blu-rays just ordered…pretty nerdy, mainstream American fare this time around:



(Mickey13) #2982

You’ve been buying some good stuff, Dean. Nice picks. :+1:

(Søren) #2983

Just received Severin Films All the Colors of the Dark and the trailer collection All the Colors of Giallo

(Søren) #2984

And a couple more just turned up:

Post-apocalyptic Collection
The Teenage Prostitution Racket

AC_US218 AC_US218

(Søren) #2985

And a couple of German releases turned up today:

Kommissar Mariani - Zum Tode verurteilt
American Rikscha

AC_US218 AC_US218

(Asa) #2986

Just ordered:

(Bill san Antonio) #2987

2010’s Reefer Madness :smile: