I have finished my SW story

I wrote an SW, title is Blessed By Death.

It’s a Zapata Western and it was inspired by GMV and his brother - they were the origins of the two heroes.
You have all what you need - duels, massacres, machine gun, car, train robbery, some love, vengeance, evil general, evil gringo, rebels ;D

If somebody would like to read it, just write me and I’ll send it.

Well done! :)…how many pages long is the story then?

No nuns ???
I would still like to read it please ;D

I would also love to read it!
Sounds like a good time, to me!

About 63 pages in Word.

Please, give me some e-mail addresses, and I’ll send it.

I’d love to read it as well. I will PM you my e-mail adress.

Count me in too :wink: I remember you mentioning this project some time ago. :slight_smile:

I sent it :-*

Hiah Sieglinde - you’ve been gone a while. I’ve printed your story off and am taking it to Almeria for us boys to peruse, read on the plane etc. but I reckon it’s best to be read in situ so to speak. thanks again. ;D

And indeed I have now read it and it was the perfect read for such a trip. After what you said, I could only see JMV and CC (not Chris Casey ;)) in the main roles as the brothers, and you knew it was not gonna end up with them making up with a couple of pints and a handshake down the pub! I was quickly into the story and the characters, and it built up to a fine spaghetti ending. Very bleak and not played for laughs - if it’s ever turned in to a film, it’s one for the ‘Bleak, Dark Spaghettis’ thread for sure - which is great - cos that’s how I like 'em. It’s a bit spooky as well, and as such, comes recommended to y’all. (And you don’t have to go to Almeria to read it! ;)) Thanks Sieglinde for making a great trip even more ‘spaghetti-ish’. More to come I trust?

I read the first 18 pages Sieglinde and enjoying it so far…any chance you can send me a copy so I can finish it?