Hey Amigo! A Toast to Your Death / Ehi amigo … sei morto! (Paolo Bianchini, 1970)

It’s just occurred to me that I can not think of any locomotive train scenes from Italian locations … aren’t they all just in movies filmed in Spain ? :thinking:

I tried to google/youtube-look on that subject 1-2 years ago and as I remember now (might be wrong) there was a SW with a train scene from Italy. And I DO remember that the telegraph poles came in pairs with one supporting the other. That special circumstance regarding the poles is typical for Italy according to a - insulator collector ! - from Italy that I had hade contact with about a year ago.

Taken together the probability for the scene with the train arriving to Esperanza Station is shot in Italy is very low since the telegraph poles at Esperanza are single and with 4 x 2 insulators which could be found elsewhere in Spain around 1966 at a few different railways, for example at the Murcia station. (I have not found any good candidate railway or station, existing or abandonded near Murcia).

Short clip of amazing quality, uncut and in correct aspect ratio.

Something else entirely! :clap:

Some weeks ago the German Version (that has never been screened anywhere) appeared on the Grinjo YT channel.
It contains the above mentioned “cut” scenes if I am not mistaken :wink:

Here`s the link. Good quality in OAR:


Also up on Amazon now: Amazon.de: Hey Amigo... Ruhe in Frieden! ansehen | Prime Video


Is this HD or SD?

Not sure if proper 1080 but it looked HD when I spot checked

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And @davidgregorybell had a very in depth look at this one, and here’s his review