Help to find film

(donnje) #1

I look for from a lot of time the following film:

help me please…

(Sebastian) #2

you mean on TV/VHS/DVD etc?

(donnje) #3

I don’t succeed in finding it in sale…and I would like to see once it at least

(Mats) #4

I have a copy (in italian) from italian television. Decent quality.

(Sebastian) #5

someone has his lucky day I guess :slight_smile:

(donnje) #6

the film has been recorded where I live but I have never been able to see it…:frowning:
it would be fantastic ^^
if you could let me have one copies?

(Mats) #7

A copy ?? No problemo amigo. I´ll see what I can do.

(donnje) #8

ok tnk ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D
I am there…
I will be always you debtor
if you have msn there we put of accord…