HELP! I need images from BLACK JACK!

I hate to make a new thread for this, but…

I have a little project in the works and am in need of some high resolution jpeg images from BLACK JACK.
I would prefer these images to be of lobby cards, or of stills (B&W or Color).

Anybody have some they wouldn’t mind sharing with me?

There are a couple of good ones on the pictures page for this film in the Database; but, the resolution isn’t high enough for my purposes.

If you think you can help me out, please feel free to contact me via a PM here.

Many, many thanks in advance for any and all help, amigos!

Hey, Chris.

Have a look here:

[quote=“Bad Lieutenant, post:2, topic:2619”]Hey, Chris.

Have a look here:,1299429,ApplicationMovie.html[/quote]

Cheers, BL!
Nice images, but they are about the same, or even lower, resolution than the ones in the Database.
Definitely appreciate the help, though, amigo!

I’ve got one of those about A4 sizey promo booklets in Italian (with separate English sheet). Folds out - 6 pages (3 back and front). I’ve grabbed some quick pics - can get some better ones if you want Chris?
Here’s 3…

Actually here’s 2 - but you get the idea. (It’s taking too long to upload these with my dongle.) >:(
Anyway, there’s 2 composite pages like this and a full page of a snog, a synopsis and a cast list.
I could email them to you Chris if they’re any good to ya?? :slight_smile:

beautiful lines!

[i]A western that has, thanks to its spectular and violent nature, no precedent in the genre

A life dedicated to extermination

He lived to take revenge
He took revenge to live[/i]

Yup! That just about sums it up. Great film!

Howdy, Rev!

Those images would be GREAT, amigo!!
I’ll PM you my email address in just a few moments.

Thanks very, very much!!!

Very nice Reverend !