Have you seen?/obscure westerns


i think a topic on hardly mentioned westerns would be nice.maybe some reccomendations or some inquiries about a title that has piqued ones interest.4 films which i have not seen,hope someone can tell me about-villa rides,starring mitchum,bryner and bronson.last of the hard men starring bronson,coburn .Doc starring stacey keach and Dirty billy a billy the kid movie.if anyone has seen any of these please a little info and rate.

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I tried to babelfish my own (Dutch) review of Dirty Little Billy, but it turned out an unintelligible mess. Anyway, I’d rate it 6/10. It’s not your standard Billy the Kid affair. Nothing is glamourized. On the contrary, everything is made dirtier in this movie (using mud). There’s basically mud everywhere. Apart from his shooting abilities, Billy isn’t that ‘cool’ here. Michael J. Pollard plays him well. Not too much happens in this western, which seems to be more about conveying a depressing atmosphere and debunking an American legend. I’d recommend this to fans of westerns. Gary Busey and Nick Nolte have small parts in the movie.

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Doc and Dirty Little Billy are REAL anti westerns in their aim of destroying legends. Oh yes, and in being really dirty. Not the SWs, the 70s “realistic” westerns were the real westerns with no heroes.
Both are interesting.

Viva Villa is a mess, a mediocre film which kills a Peckinpah sreenplay by unimaginative directing.

And Last of the Hard Men is as bad as every McClaglen western.


Thanx fellers…I would like to reccomend BAD COMPANY(1972) another dirty,violent 70’s western not mentioned too often which stars jeff bridges as a leader of a young gang of outlaws and draft dodgers ,very good film.

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If you like obscure westerns:

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There is a very obscure, little known film called “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly”. Its directed by some guy named “Sergio Leone”. I’m not even sure thats his real name.

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Yes, Yes, Bad Company that’s a really good movie, same category as Doc and Dirty Little Billy, but better, maybe the best of these depressive looking, little nihilistic westerns.

There are more. Like Kid Blue or The Culpepper Cattle Company or The Oklahoma Crude or the slightly funny Rancho Deluxe, to name the best. All are miles away from what John Wayne fans may think how a western should look like.

(I like John Wayne, btw)


yes ive seen rancho deluxe very interesting movie not great but worth a view,slim pickens is great as always.ive also seen zacharaih the"hippy western" ::slight_smile:

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I’d say every western fan should see it. Not because it’s good -it’s not- but it’s definitely a memorable entry to the weird west genre (if that’s even a genre).
Other weird west movies worth checking out:

  • Time Stalkers
  • Westworld


THE DESERTER(1971) this is a italian/yugoslavian production starring chuck connors,slim pickens,woody strode,richard crenna,patrick wayne and ricardo montalban.the main character is played by an unknown(at least to me).a calvary officers wife is killed by apaches he deserts and seeks revenge.very good violent western.

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Bekim Fehmiu plays the lead in that one if I remember correctly. I have it on VHS but titled Ride to Glory.

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It’s out on Brazilian DVD: “O Desertor”. Fullscreen but with English dub.

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I’ve seen more Brazilian spaghetti DVDs on the net, but usually I can’t find any region indication; aren’t Brazilia DVDs region 4 ?

SWs seem to be rather popular over there; I also stumbled upon a Brazilian website (but Portugese isn’t very easy to decipher, even if you speak some other roman languages).

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Yes there is quite a few I think. Most of them are in crappy quality though but some aren’t really avaliable anywhere else… Don’t really know what region is normal for Brazil. The O Desertor-disc is apparently region all.

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Downloading Jesse James Meets Frankenstein’s Daughter right now. Sounds promising…

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Dolarii si Ardelenii
Year: 1979 / Director: Mircea Veroiu
Country: Romania

Thought I’d share this link with you guys. You can watch the whole movie online:

Database entry:

I didn’t expect much, but the first ten minutes actually look alright. Apt music, Indians and gunplay. It has English and Romanian audio. The plot revolves around a Romanian family that moves to the Wild West.

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Very promising :stuck_out_tongue:

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The Wicked Die Slow '68 a grim, mean spirited western where the characters have
only murder in their heart as they are laughing as they dole out misery.