Hard at work, adding Actors

I’ve started work on a new section “Actors”, detailing the films the Actors were in (I will eventually add all the main players, together with the main leading ladies… in time). Like with the review pages, I’ve added a Poll to each one, to try and give users an indication of the best films that the various people starred in.

The aim would be that somebody that, say, liked Klaus Kinski in For A Few Dollars More could look up his other films, and identify which ones are popular with the Spaghetti Western lovers. Like with all polls, it will take some time for the voting to develop, but I’d appreciate it if you guys n gals could visit and place your votes when you get the opportunity.

It will grow and grow. I plan to do the same with Directors when I get a chance.

that is pretty nice.
actually with the Spaghetti WEstern database you can do a similar thing, although I admit not yet as comfortable. If you head to th emain site and pick an actor it will list all spaghetti westerns the person was in. Of course that “actor’s page” can be filled with bio data, chronological filmography, pictures and much much more…

i think i’ll demonstrate what you can do with those pages on the example of Franco Nero (i’m working on it)

(just a quick example of how an actor’s page could look like at spaghetti-western.net)

Yeah, it looks neat. Its a slow 'ol process though innit, adding all those pages, links etc! That is an advantage of a site like yours, where users gradually add to it.

yeah I chose the Wiki software because editing it is just such a snap. The only thing I currently don’t know how to integrate is some kind of rating mechanism, but I think the forum does that pretty well, so I’ll just add a link to a forum topic from every article that sais “discuss and rate this movie” or something like that. In the end, we have ONE forum topic for EACH film and the information flow is perfect :slight_smile:

I also think you should put up something which when members edit these edits should go through you, instead of immediatly being put onto the site. People can delete things if they really wanted to at the mmoment. Or maybe they can’t but it seems that way to me. Like when i posted my OUTITW reveiw it went straight up. I cou;d have posted anthing and it would have gone up. So i think some approval system should be up.

no. thats what the wiki is for. everyone can edit, but on the other hand, everyone can correct it. and if somebody screws up, i just set it back to the last version of that article. besides, as long as this site isn’t all too busy (at the moment the site isn’t yet very popular) i check changes everyday (99.99% of which are by me anyways)

Yeah, i just added my review of ‘The Good, The Bad ANd The Ugly’

But what i’m saying is, that when people have finished editing. Instead of directly going up there. Maybe it should be sent to you, so you can approve it first.

Biut i love this site.Very entertaining.

i dont know if that’s possible and… i dont think it’s necessary. even wikipedia.org manages without approval :slight_smile: it’s self cleaning. that’s the beauty of wiki, someone writes shit, another one deletes it.

Half’s site doesn’t work to me :(.

yeah seems to be dead.

also been about three years since he was last seen in here

Yet another thread that you have resurrected from the dead LOL.