Happy Christmas

(The Man With a Name) #62

Merry Christmas!

(autephex) #63


Anyone else bored shitless yet ? :santa:

(Andy) #65

Yes. lol

(Sebastian) #66

you obviously dont have enough movies on your watchlist, I pity you :slight_smile:


Maybe ‘Bad Santa’ might do the trick :thinking:

Nah, probably not … just not a Christmas fan

(autephex) #68

Just use it as an excuse to watch a boatload of spags :cowboy_hat_face:

(kit saginaw) #69

Hope everybody had, or is still having a Merry one.

Yep. Not enough time to watch very much.

(ENNIOO) #70

Yep was bored before the event, but now its over all is good.

(The Man With a Name) #71

I watched Jingle All the Way. Now it’s time for some Euro crime.

(Phil H) #72

Seasons greetings to all!