Happy Birthday!

(davidf) #81

Happy Birthday Dillinger. have a great time Saturday. :slight_smile:

(Dillinger) #82

I’ll do my very best.

(Silence) #83

Have a great Saturday!

(Stanton) #84

and don’t drink too less

(Reverend Danite) #85

Happy birthday BL - may your day be ninjalicious (what ever the fuck that might mean). I’m raising a cider to your stealth. 8)

(John Welles) #86

Happy Birthday Dillinger and BL - two great forum members and we would all be poorer if they left.

(Stanton) #87

Actually it’s BL and Alk0, not Dillinger (who will have Birthday again in December, unless he gets shot).

Happy Birthday

(Bluntwolf) #88

Happy Birthday BL and Alk0 ! Have a blast !!! ;D

(davidf) #89

have already put it on individual threads but will now put it on the proper Happy Birthday to both BL and Alko! :slight_smile:

(Bad Lieutenant) #90

Thanks guys!

(Dillinger) #91

Have a drink, BL!

(Bad Lieutenant) #92

I’m on it! Veltins.

(Phil H) #93

Yes, many happy returns BL.
Having a beer to celebrate on your behalf.

(Silence) #94

Happy birthday BL!

(Dillinger) #95

YummY! I actually like Veltins a lot!

(Bad Lieutenant) #96

Good stuff indeed! I prefer most German beers to Dutch ones. Maybe something to do with the Reinheitsgebot. Generally they´re the best beer brewers. Grolsch is a good Dutch one though.

(Hungry_bear) #97

HB from HB

(Silence) #98

Happy birthday to Tina Aumont today!

(Yodlaf Peterson) #99

Not been online the last couple of days, a belated birthday to you both.

(Starblack) #100

Likewise - hope the hangovers aren’t too bad.