Happy Birthday!

(Asa) #181

Many happy returns, Mr. B :birthday:

(Sebastian) #182

And happy birthday to @Djangoisme

(Asa) #183

And many happy returns of the day to the magnificent, fascinating and always sexy @last.caress who, at 44, has already seen his age overtake his IQ. Happy birthday LC, and enjoy getting f*cked up tonight and riggedy-riggedy-wrecked, son! Boo-yaa!

(scherpschutter) #184

Hear hear, Boo-yaa & get riggedy-riggedy-wrecked

(Sebastian) #185

Congrats, senor! I wish you many more years under the sun, but not too many, as life isnt worth a damn if you get too old to watch flix

(Søren) #186

Congratulations amigo. We were the same age for one whole day then :slight_smile:

(El Topo) #187

Congratulations amigo, I’m one older the forties are the new twenties

(Phil H) #188

Happy Birthday LC

(Sebastian) #189

Happy Birthday @dicfish - if he ever returns we don’t know, because now he is working hard on becoming the Austrian Sergio Leone :stuck_out_tongue:

(Sebastian) #190

Big shout out to @WinslowLeach, Happy Birthday companero!

(Sebastian) #191

Happy Birthday, @Reverend_Danite

(Sebastian) #192

Happy Birthday, @Austin_Fisher

(Asa) #193

Happy Birthday to the always wonderful @last.caress, bringing the sexy into your lives for 46 years to the day. I’m the firestarter! Twisted firestarter!

(carlos) #194

Happy Birthday Asa :laughing:


Happy birthday ‘whippersnapper’ :rofl:

(Sebastian) #196

happy bday gringo

(Mickey13) #197

Happy birthday, man. Have a good one mate.

(Sebastian) #198

Happy Birthday @dicfish (wherever you are, filming flix, smokin’ cigars and whatnot…)


If Clint can make it to 2030 he may start reversing the aging process. :muscle:

(ENNIOO) #200

Good chance he may. His Mum lived to a grand age in her late 90’s.