Guess the Spaghetti western song by a short description

I’m a huge fan of music quizzes and I wanted to make one for Spaghetti Western songs, because I haven’t found any.

I describe SW songs shortly and your job is to name the song or the movie where it’s from.

First, I’ll let you guess songs that have lyrics:

  1. You must go on, even if your loved one dies.
  2. This day will be bloody. I wonder who’ll make it out alive and who will die?
  3. A stranger arrives to town. Who is this young man?
  4. Look at that chap! Seems quite harmless. Or is he?
  5. Let’s go friends! We can do this!
  6. I shouldn’t show my tears, but keep going instead.
  7. Revenge is the only reason why I keep going.
  8. Karma will get you and you’ll meet your end.
  9. Something I have planned and thought of for a long time turned out to be a mistake and now I’m crying.
  10. You haven’t had luck with prospecting. Return back to where you came from!
  11. The canyons and valleys were filled with laughter and death
  12. Broken man needs help
  13. I’m just gonna live my life without caring what others think. I do have one friend after all

Now, try to guess these songs that don’t have lyrics.

  1. a pocketwatch
  2. cemetery, running
  3. gloomy atmosphere in snow
  4. cardtricks
  5. a slow, sweet waltz
  6. To be, or not to be?
  7. whistling, hope because brother finds his long lost sister

Some right guesses in here. I had an idea for about half and then chucked in some others I thought could fit to complete the list.

2.Death Sentence
3.Arizona Colt
4.They Call Me Trinity
6.Django, Prepare a Coffin
7.Cemetery Without Crosses
8.And God Said to Cain
9.Texas, Adios
10.Massacre Time
11.A Pistol for Ringo
12.Return of Ringo
13.The Big Gundown

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Yeah, you had most of them right. I had a little different ideas for 2, 7, 8 and 13, but nice guesses/alternatives :stuck_out_tongue:

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7 is Return of Django?

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No, I wasn’t thinking of that song/movie, but nice guess anyway

Yeah, 2, 7 and 13 I was struggling on, but I would have sworn that 8 was right.

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