"Gothic" Spaghetti Westerns

Big fan of the Gothics. Keoma, Mannaja, Django, $10,000, $100,000 & Django Prepare to suggest a few.

Hmm, in my book none of these films has a gothic feel …

Looking foward too read it.

[quote=“Stanton, post:22, topic:1338”]Hmm, in my book none of these films has a gothic feel …[/quote]I know that you think only And God Said to Cain is gothic but c’mon, look at the opening scene of Mannaja. Or the rest of the movie for that matter.

I mean, they aren’t all extra pale with black eye make up (OK maybe $10,000) listening to Bauhaus. But whatever you call it, these movies have a lot of scenes in them that have a reoccurring atmosphere. Eerie wind, fog/dust, graveyards, men with capes, emerging from the darkness. We have disagreed about this topic before on other threads, but it cool to have differing opinions. Even of you’re WRONG!. Just kidding obviously :slight_smile:

Btw, I really love the ghost town/Graveyard/Mr. Black stage in Red Dead Revolver.

I though GUN was way better than Red Dead Revolver, which was alright but the controls really sucked I thought and ruined a lot of the game. GUN was fun to play, had a much more involved story, looked better… I wish they’d make some more games like this, although a friend “borrowed” my PS2 and has had it for at least a year now… which reminds me of another thing I should add to the things that annoy me thread…

I love both Red Dead Revolver and GUN. I like Red Dead bettet though. I wrote a review of it and it’s on the DB. They are coming out with a sequel to Red entitled Red Dead Redemption. Coming out in Fall.

Cain is not a gothic film for me, westerns don’t tend to be gothic films. Cain has some gothic elements, sometimes a gothic atmosphere, that’s all due to it’s director. Also in Vengeance there are a few moments, but only a few. Another one is maybe Django the Bastard here and there.

Ghost towns in westerns mainly don’t create any creepy atmosphere for me, they create an atmosphere of devastation and desolation, maybe even (unintentional) a nihilistic feeling.

I don’t know, I would never had get the notion that people could call all these films gothic.
The opening scene of Mannaja has only fog and some banal slo mo effects. That’s not enough for me to call it gothic.
I don’t like btw this type of scenes. Lots of movie cliches.


No need to be sorry Stanton if these are your thoughts.

Of course

Yeah I loved them both but I tend to lean towards RDR because of its Spaghetti influences. They’re basically the top two western games available.

Looking forward to Redemption but apparently its a different storyline.

I hope it still holds strong to the formers Spaghetti ties. The trailer looks like it will.