I think Goodfella was just to real for the forum. He was straitforward and didn’t sweeten much. Not a bad thng at all though. He was very opinonated.

But he couldn’t take much himself, then he resorted to foul language

Well that part is between you and him.

He did bring up a good point about the mass production of the genre. Being new’er’ to the genre now, I sometimes don’t agree with the general sentiment of most on this forum regarding certain movies. One of my original posts I said that I feel ‘Great Silence’ was over-rated. I do like it but I don’t feel it’s one of my favorites I believe Lindberg isn’t a fan of OUTITW. Surely an unpopular opinion, but should be valued. If we all insulted others that had a differing opinion, we would be no better than your boy SD.

Now we are talking about Goodfella as a dead!

He has not logged in for a while so you never know…

Well, he started calling Lindberg names (not very nice names, they were very rude actually) without any good reason.
If you do such a thing on a public forum, it’s no longer ‘between you and him’.

If you would say (I know you wouldn’t) in my face that Scherpschutter is a prick, then it would of course be between you and me, but if you started writing such things here on the forum …

Foul language is hardly ever anything else than an indication of bad manners

From what I remembered, Goodfella was otherwise quite normal until Lindberg told him he had an attitude problem and than thats when he blew his cork and went bonkers.

I guess some people are just not able to “fit in”.