Ok Goodfella, my intention was not to kick you out of the board with my comments

Feel free to join the discussions again, just try to tone down this attitude you have

Was the intention of this thread to patch up old wounds? Hope so. Not a big fan of arguements. I remember when good ol’ Alko and myself almost went at it but a quick apology brought a quick end to a possible arguement. Thats whatI suggest here.

Yeah sorry if you found my words harsh Goodfella

Didn’t think you’d go silent because of this though

[quote=“Lindberg, post:3, topic:1365”]Yeah sorry if you found my words harsh Goodfella

Didn’t think you’d go silent because of this though [/quote]

Don’t worry about it, Magnus, I don’t think he went silent because of you


Should we send him a PM? I meen, if he is not going to post here anymore he will probably not see this. I was going to PM him but it’s not my business.

If he don’t returns, he won’t be able to read his PMs.

what happened?

[quote=“stanton, post:7, topic:1365”]If he don’t returns, he won’t be able to read his PMs.[/quote]I think the PM’s go to your Email too.[quote=“Yodlaf Peterson, post:8, topic:1365”]what happened?[/quote][quote=“Yodlaf Peterson, post:8, topic:1365”]what happened?[/quote]A little disagreement in the Spaghetti west not documentary thread. Leone related.

You’re right

Well this attempt at an apologize is to little to late and the mention, yet again, of my non existent attitude taints it anyway.

I must say I left a rather harsh reply in the original thread that this trouble started in and while its harsh I stand by my words.

Anyway, one fool(theres no politeness anymore) isnt enough to ruin a site for me. Ive just been busy. As long as lind doesnt ever type another word directed at me again, Ill return the favor and thatll be that. Actually he can write whatever he wants, it doesnt matter to me.

I have to side with Goodfella on this. He does not have an attitude at all. In fact he seems quite diplomatic on some of his posts. He is a bit blunt and direct with his words, but that is not a crime. ALso, coming onto a SW board declaring outright that he doesn’t like the Leone films, some people might liken that to showing up at a republican convention wearing a “Go Obama!” T shirt. More often than not, he dislikes SW’s more than he likes them. But opinions of all varieties are valued here, even ones that go against the usual norm. Goodfella, I salute you.

Having said that, Lindberg at least tried to apologize and and extend the olive branch. Goodfella, it would be wise of you to accept it. Lindberg is a long time member of this board, and everybody here would agree that he is neither a “fool” nor a “prick”, but a valued member of the board, just like yourself.

Thanks man I appreciate it but the olives were poisoned IMO. But as I posted in the other thread this BS is officially over on my end and this will be the last time its ever mentioned by me since the simple act of ignoring troublesome individuals seems the best bet. Again, I appreciate you words though.

In regards to Leone, I just dont believe you have to be a fan of his to be a fan of the genre nor do you have to like more spags than you dislike to be a fan IMO. Because lets be honest, it was a genre geared first and foremost to turing a quick and easy buck above all else, most of the time. And if my words a blunt I most surely do not mean anything by it, its just my way. Why dance around you know?

It wasn’t about this Leone argument, I critisised Leone myself in that thread if you care to read

You can critisise Leone all you want Goodfella, go ahead

Anyway, good to have you back Goodfella, even if you intend to ignore me :smiley:

Seems Goodfella isn’t around here anymore. Maybe he just gave up on the genre.

Or you scared him away Korano ;).

Not another one!

Looks like it. It really wasn’t worth it for him. He just wasn’t really into these movies.

Except the good ones. keome, django, gs, is that it?

He was entitled to his opinion and he defended it to the end… if he comes back great.

I do disagree with his listing Leone’s version of the west as Fake and dull. But that’s his opinion.