God’s Gun / Diamante Lobo (Gianfranco Parolini, 1976)

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I watched it and learned.
Now, let me use the blueprint of @stanton’s critique to save some time.

Well, I must say, I haven’t find a single boring scene in it. Fidanis wise, I have seen only 1 and 1/2 fidani, so I’m not that qualified to judge this, but those were a lot worse than Diamante lobo.


Yes, a great opening scene, I agree, pity, that it lasts for about 30 seconds.

I disagree on this. Why mess? It follows a certain story, yes, there are some elements that could be told better, but I didn’t have any problem knowing what’s going on.

It’s not that bad imo, there’s a lot of ideas which are imaginative. LVC’s revenge without using any weapons, just the tricks to push the enemies against themselves. The flashbacks are also interestingly directed. The relationship between kid and LVC No.1 & LVC No.2 works well for me. The 70s hairdos. Kid killing a bandit in Treasure Island fashion. Palance murdering his men.

Come on. Israeli hippies tried as hard as they could.

Yes, costumes are a bit of a letdown. But landscape is fine by me. I especially like setting in which LVC No. 1 surprises sleeping bandits.

It could be better, yes, but lousy is a bit too strong in my opinion.

Well, it’s 50/50. Some shitty, some good. Okay, maybe 60/40.

But he always walks like a zombie.

Actually, he disappears after 33 minutes. Gotcha.

Kid’s alright, didn’t mind him. I know. How surprising of me.

No. It’s wrong movie in Lee Van Cleef.

Yes, good theme, I like that too.


Oh god, I can’t believe I actually wrote all this.

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God’s Gun is definitely not boring for me. On a technical level, it’s extremely flawed but I think it has enough to please spaghetti western fans. Obviously it can’t please us all because it comes down to personal taste at the end of the day but it’s a decent enough film. Tomas’ opinion is final. Sorry, Stanton.


I think this ones a really entertaining film. You can’t deny that its production value seems really low and the lack of LVC’s voice for the dubbing makes it really tough to listen in parts but you get used to it. I didn’t find any part of the film boring, I admit there’s a 15-20 minute period where the story gets lost and nothing happens but overall the LVC twin thing and Palance’s jovial bad guy performance makes this film fun and entertaining. The final scene where LVC throws down his coat to reveal his gun, his beady eyes staring down Palance is classic Van Cleef, I also enjoyed the showdown of the ‘ghostly’ LVC vs the bad guys. I got real Treasure Island vibes with the Frank Zappa look-a-like being thrown from the bell tower and Palance’s character giving his best Long John Silver impression towards the end. I think score is really cool as well. There are a few terrible performances from some of the supporting cast and Van Cleef’s wig is atrocious. I’d have to give this one a 6/10 it’s much better than some people’s reviews.


So, I watched it again, and some of the comments on this thread made it a bit more bearable than before … but yeah, it’s a mess. LVC and Palance do what they can - if only they’d had a real director and were in more professional hands this could have been half decent.
I found it hard to believe that this was directed by Parolini ! Regardless of what anyone thinks about the Sabata trilogy and Sartana, those films were professionally produced and have a not inconsiderable artistic flair. The same can not be said of ‘God’s Gun’, or ‘Diamond Wolf’, as the original title translates - WTF is Diamond Wolf all about !??? Did I miss some important plot point ?

The overall feeling I get is that you have 3 professional actors and a supporting cast of amateurs or western appreciation society re-enactors, who have no idea how to move or behave, and just look embarrassingly self conscious, or in the case of the Frank Zappa lookalike, embarrassingly over the top.

Maybe the production was on a very tight schedule, because it looks like it could have been shot in about two weeks … ? Also I’d like to think that Parolini and his director of photography, Mancori also walked off this one … because there is no hint that an experienced professional team are behind the camera.

One scene which had me scratching my head in disbelief is about 20 minutes in … Father LVC, (or LVC 1 as Tomas referred to him) goes to disarm Palance’s gang who have rode out of town and have parked themselves in the middle of the road overlooking the crappy town set. They’ve gone less than a quarter of mile from town, lit a campfire in the centre of the road, drank themselves insensible and have all fallen asleep at the same time, conveniently enough for LVC 1 to collect their guns.
I give up … good luck to those who can enjoy these turkeys, but I find it rather sad that such good charismatic actors ended up making fools of themselves in these lousy productions … Perhaps I’m taking things too seriously, but to me this is the reason the genre died. Greed and apathy :frowning_face:


So um… guess I better watch this movie now.

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No need to feel sorry, it is as you said a matter of tastes, like for every other film also.

Every thing I write here is only a personal opinion, and everybody else here is of course allowed to view every film different. Even if it is the complete opposite.
I like that. I discus about the differences (if I’m in the mood), but I also enjoy them.

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I actually like this scene. Not sure if they drunk themselves insensibly, they wake up too quickly when surprised by LVC 1. Even bandits have to sleep sometimes. They didn’t expect that someone from town would dare to take action against them, so they decided to take a rest. Who anyway? The old folks? Cowardice sheriff? A kiddo?
And there was also a bandit on a guard, but taken care of by LVC 1. Maybe two or three guards would be better, but let’s not nitpick.