[Germany] Koch Media - Koch Films (Plaion Pictures)

thanks for letting me know :+1:

Even more expensive to the US, so I think I will stop offering this favor, I feel like making DHL rich on the backs of honest hardworking spaghetti western fans

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Unboxed it for y’all


I actually like that packaging. It’s the same kind of box that Super 8 films would come in

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Yes, although a CD (or rather VCD) might be a better comparison. I think the only reason DVDs and Blu-rays come in tall rectangles is because people wanted them to line up well with their VHS Tapes back in the day.


btw decided to sell my Sergio Sollima box. In case anyone is interested, message me

Neue Besprechung (new review in German):


And here is a little unboxing vid again


Nice review! :+1:

Yes, happy to see it on YT :wink:

Do we know until when the releases of this collection will last?
I hope there will be “Corri, uomo, corri”

I think they will go thru these now fairly quickly

@Admin Is the picture quality noticeably improved on these releases? Do they have a good print? (I’d imagine so) But what is your opinion on it? - audio/picture.

So far top notch, sorry for writing these reviews only in German :slight_smile:
These are new prints, or equal to very recent HD releases elsewhere (Kino Lorber, Artus Films, …)

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I ordered the french release too. Waiting for it.
And last night i’ve ordered this Western All’Arrabbiata vol.2 box and Hügel Der Blutigen Stiefel Mediabook from Koch shop.

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you based in Germany?

No, in France.

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Ah, ok.

the label is rebranding to Plaion Pictures

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No more Koch Media or Koch Films? A bittersweet end of a long era. Wonder what caused a change in name.

I can just point you to the press release. So far it is merely a name change. Koch Media is Pleion and Koch Films is Pleion Pictures. New name, new logo, no other changes. It has already changed names and logos a few times, and if you check Wikipedia you’ll learn that there’s a connection to Kino Lorber also… as long as they keep churning out great releases, the name won’t matter much :slight_smile:

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