[Germany] Koch Media DVDs


Was not expecting that.

Blue Underground vs Koch… this should be interesting!

(Rutledal) #922

Any chance of Bury Them Deep being English friendly?

(The Man With a Name) #923

Let’s hope so!

(Sebastian) #924

so far they all have been


One exception, in my experience. About a year and a half ago I bought, without checking here :frowning:, a 3-DVD set by Koch Media from Amazon.de entitled “Django Collection” (Man Who Cried for Vengeance, Rattler Kid, Deadly Trackers).
No English at all.

(Sebastian) #926

This one?

Not even subtitles? I think the box contains re-issues of some of their very early titles…

(Farmer_J) #927

Bury them Deep is high on my want list. Glad its getting a good release. I can finally get rid of my old French disc.


Yes, that one, Sebastian. No English audio or subtitles. If I can find where I put it I’ll check it again.

(Søren) #930

Those were never Koch Media titles. Wasn’t this just a reissue of some releases from another German company and Koch Media is only the distributor not producer of this box set ?

By the way I don’t think the Koch Media release of Sartana Kills Them All were English friendly bit that is also ancient. All real Koch Media releases from the last 10 years has been English-friendly. They are in a spaghetti western league of their own.

(chuck connors brother) #931

Only Cry Onion wasn’t english friendly

(Søren) #932

Ah you’re right. Have a feeling I should have remembered that one :slight_smile:

(Sebastian) #933

Somehow I miss the days of the nice digipaks that were all individually designed. Don’t get me wrong I like collections and series, but they others had something… unique


(Sebastian) #934

Entire Westernhelden Collection ready to (pre) order https://www.spaghetti-western.net/index.php/Koch_Media_Western_Helden_Collection