[Germany] Koch Media DVDs

(Hornet) #901

Any english reviews for the two boxsets? Seriously want them both, but can’t afford it at the moment…

(Sebastian) #902

which ones? I think they’re all worth their money easily, even though the selection of flicks is a bit mixed…

(the_ugly) #903

(referring to the Italowestern Enzyklopadie vol 1 & 2) been meaning to ask on here, do ALL the films on both these sets have English language options?

(Sebastian) #904

of some sort, yes. not so much with all the special features though

(the_ugly) #905

thanks for info - I will be looking to acquire these. not that bothered about Special features though it would be nice for them to be english subbed also.

(the_ugly) #906

What are the chances of Koch doing a third volume with Blindman on it, any guesses?

(Stanton) #907

Not good. They have already released 2 DVDs of Blindman (but with the same content), and anyway they most likely don’t have the rights anymore.

(the_ugly) #908

OK. Might have to get the Australian DVD of Blindman then. This one is kind of unofficial looking, released by a company called bps. The screens on the back of the case look pretty good, as though it might be a rip of the Koch release. Here’s hoping.

(Stanton) #909

Here’s one copy of the re-release:

(the_ugly) #910

Thanks, Stanton, but that’s the Italian release w/o english ;D Both Koch versions are listed at around 40 euros (cheapest) at Amazon.de
Im thinking about going for the Australian release but have heard nothing about its quality.

(Stanton) #911

Ooops, sorry, it is indeed an Italian one. The Koch re-release has the same cover motiv. But is very expensive now.

(Sebastian) #912

I have begun cleaning up and updating the Koch Media catalog. Still need to do the two special collections and fix up some errors. Have a look, folks, let me know if you see anything wrong or missing


(Sebastian) #913

The catalogs are now updated: http://www.spaghetti-western.net/index.php/Koch_Media_catalog
including the subsections. I will revise the Koch Italia and CinePlus pages at some other time

(Sebastian) #914

Latest BluRay can be won, click here:

(Gritz) #915

I just picked up the Italo-Western Encyclopedia volume III today from Amazon.de. 17.99 euros, great price. Has anyone compared the PQ of Blood at Sundown to the Wild East disc? I’m sure it is better, Koch discs always are. I also put the new German release of Coffin for the sheriff with it so it looks like I can sell my WE double feature of those two. A Coffin for the Sheriff seems to have a longer run time on the German disc so that’s a plus too.


The first post here in 6 months! Does that already answer my question?

I came to this topic to ask about future plans by Koch Media. Other than a smattering of Blu-rays and some re-issues and re-packaging of previously released titles it seems quiet at Koch. Any word of an Italowestern Enzyklopädie No. 4?

(Grinder) #917

There is the new “Westernhelden” series by Koch (blu ray /dvd package)

  1. Sugar Colt/Rocco der Mann mit den zwei Gesichtern (already released)
  2. In a colt`s shadow /Pistoleros (release date 22.6.17)
  3. Man from the east / Verflucht, verdammt & Halleluja (release date August 2017)
  4. Bury them deep / Den Geiern zum Fraß (release date August 2017)

Officially anounced, no release date yet:

  • Get mean/Time Breaker
  • I came I saw I shoot /Drei ausgekochte Halunken
  • Twice a Judas / 2 x Judas

There are also some other spaghettis they`re working on but since there is no offcial information out yet I have to keep myself silent :wink:

(Søren) #918

The last three you mentioned are also destined for blu-ray releases I gather?

(Søren) #919

But that is good isn’t it? Certainly better than another dvd Enzyklopädie-release in my opinion.

(Grinder) #920

It is not clear yet but if Koch is able to get HD material they surely will release it.