[Germany] Koch Media DVDs

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Yeah, his mischievously malicious creepy grin on that thin, child-molester like face (didn’t he do such a good job in From Dusk Till Dawn? XD) just staring out at you? Hahaha!

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Are you in the States autephex?

Obviously hardcore collector’s know but I quite often get a few complaints from American bidders on eBay when people buy region 2 DVD’s without realising about the region locking even though I state it clearly in the auction.

(autephex) #883

Yep, I am in the states

I can imagine it is a hassle with ebay buyers and selling non-US discs… Would probably have to write a big paragraph in huge black lettering to get the message across to some of these buyers

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(AngelFace) #885

Ok, so according to the updated information Tepepa and others do have English options. Can’t wait for the Blu Ray of this one.

(chuck connors brother) #886

May God Forgive You… But I Won’t is set for release December 2013

(sartana1968) #887

english audio??

(Bill san Antonio) #888

[quote=“sartana1968, post:887, topic:50”]english audio??[/quote]probably with Italian and german audio and with english subtitles.

(Stanton) #889

No, this release date (31.12.2013) only means that it has no announced release date. Don’t know why Amazon always does this.
The film is still in release limbo.

(chuck connors brother) #890

[quote=“Stanton, post:889, topic:50”]No, this release date (31.12.2013) only means that it has no announced release date. Don’t know why Amazon always does this.
The film is still in release limbo.[/quote]

Yeah, this is like the 3rd time they’ve done it… I was joking, should have put a wink at the end

(Stanton) #891

Ahh, ok, yes, a smiley would have made clearer what you meant.

It seems to be a standard procedure by Amazon for films they have listed with no release date. I don’t understand why they not simply delete it until they have a release date.

(Commissioner) #892

I’ve also updated the release date of the Italowestern Enzyklopädie to March 31st, since that’s the date on both Amazon and Koch Media’s website (I don’t think lists May God Forgive You…)

[edit: Although actually someone else already seems to have updated the majority of the dates before me]

(Laban) #893

Enzyklopädie No 1 - release today.
Enzyklopädie No 2 - 24 May 2013

(Sundance) #894

Amazon.de doesn’t have any copies of Enzyklopädie no 1 for sale, why? I mean amazon themselves, there are lots of marketplace sellers (with I believe much higher prices that Amazon would sell it for) .

(Provvidenza) #895

Yeah, I’m hoping this is only temporary, they didn’t have any Tepepa Blu-rays at one point either, but they do now, who knows.

(Sebastian) #896

yea seems weird… i will ask koch on monday if they know what’s going on there

(Italo-West-Fan) #897

I get my Box on Friday from amazon.de !

(Stanton) #898

Yes, but you had pre-ordered it.

Amazon had dropped it out for unknown reasons after the delay of the release (normally they keep it if it isn’t cancelled), and strangely it isn’t back in.

(Sebastian) #899

ding dong http://planet.spaghetti-western.net/bleigericht-dvd-rezension-italowestern-enyzklopaedie/

(Gritz) #900

My pre-order has been locked in :slight_smile: Can’t Wait…this is a very strong set.