[Germany] Koch Media DVDs

(Bad Lieutenant) #861

Covers suck in my opinion, but we´re used to that. But I don´t care too much about that, as Koch discs are usually very nice. Will be buying Tepepa and Death does not count the dollars as I don´t have those yet.

(AngelFace) #862

Hmmm for me the Alan Young version isn’t very friendly with the audio drop outs for so much of the film and lack of subtitles.

(Yodlaf Peterson) #863

I’ll only be getting the ones they haven’t released already.

Unless of course they are better prints but I doubt that.

(Provvidenza) #864

Would have prefered the Enzyklopädie myself, instead of what I think will mostly be repackaged previously released discs, however will still probably be buying a few of the releases. If the trade off was English audio on all these releases and then I’d probably get the lot.

(chuck connors brother) #865

Even if they have the movie in italian with english subtitles?

(Sebastian) #866

it’s bluray!

(Rutledal) #867

Are the language options confirmed?

(Sebastian) #868

we updated the list, and i think dicfish took the info from the official website. it is a bit early even for them to confirm these so i would take them with a pinch of salt to be honest

(Rutledal) #869

The salt of hope.

(Rutledal) #870

Or else I have to start learning German.

(I love you M.E. Kay) #871

I’m thinking about getting Shoot the Living and Pray for the Dead (would love to get most of them, but “budget constraints”). Would have preferred a blu-ray, but hopefully it will be an upgrade when compare with the other releases. Too bad there seems to be few extras for this one.

(Novecento) #872

The audio drop outs were only during English audio which isn’t even included in the specs for the new release. I’d like to see English audio with English-subtitled Italian for where there is no audio available.

(chuck connors brother) #873

They’re all on amazon.de pre-order


(Mickey13) #874

No English subtitles… :’(

(Sebastian) #875

we’re gonna try to get additional confirmations on subtitles. koch has a history of not informing about those on the covers…

(Rutledal) #876

What language should one figure Milian’s commentary track to be in? He speaks English, Spanish and Italian fluently. Should it be in English I might just buy it anyway.

(Jonny Powers) #877

Well I wish we had something like this over here. I’d love to buy these, especially if they’re released as a box set. Don’t see why not, slapping Tarantino on the cover would be sure to produce sales. The covers are also pretty cool, love the art!

(Mickey13) #878

It would be a nice cover. ;D

(Sebastian) #879

it’s not a commentary track

(autephex) #880

Anyone happen to know what Koch’s policy is on selling to international distributors/retailers/resellers? For the last year I’ve been trying to make a living by buying and selling random stuff… wouldn’t mind giving it a shot with some spaghetti discs since there aren’t really any US retailers for these releases

Had a look at their site but didn’t really see any info regarding distribution, so sent them a mail. Just thought someone here may have some info