[Germany] Koch Media DVDs

(The Stranger) #801

Yes, you’re right Sundance.

I quote the DVD product manager of Koch Media:

"The Italian version is about 10 minutes shorter than the German / French version and the English version is again a bit shorter … "

(Silver) #802

Has anyone else had an email from Amazon.De saying that the release date for Django - Den Colt an der Kehle is now January 2013? :o

(Major Clyde) #803

Yes. I just came here to post the news. 2013!

(Dorado) #804

I got one also.

(chuck connors brother) #805

At least people ordering internationally can always add that to an order to make postage cheaper.

(djvaso) #806

I have done just this. The order consists of ‘Django - Den Colt an der Kehle’, ‘Das Gold von Sam Cooper’ & Taxi Driver [Blu-ray]’. But, there was an error on site as P&P charge was EUR14,00 instead of EUR6,00. After my complain, they could not correct the wrong shipping charge but reduced price for one item for EUR8,00. Luckily enough, it was ‘Taxi Driver’. Now, I am tempted to cancel order for ‘Django…’ in a appropriate moment ;).

(The Stranger) #807

Koch Media is planning a new label for spaghetti westerns and other genre films.
This was one of the reasons why the rainbow series was discontinued.
In the course of this year, new titles will be published under the new label.
Currently, Koch Media buys film rights and will start preparations for the DVD releases (interviews as extras, etc.)


(Sebastian) #808

I dont like it. that sounds like X-Rated all over again. Will those not be available on Amazon? how about the Koch Media quality that was part of the whole deal? meh

(ENNIOO) #809

Possible price increases perhaps then…

(djvaso) #810

E poi lo chiamarono il magnifico (Verflucht, verdammt und Halleluja) will be included in Terence Hill und Bud Spencer Box No 1. Release date: 26th of June 2011.
Details: LINKhttp://www.kochmedia-film.de/dvd/details/view/film/terence_hill_bud_spencer_collection_1_4_dvds/

(Sebastian) #811

is it in the DB already? can someone please add it?

(djvaso) #812

Koch Media will release third edition of El chuncho, quien sabe? (Töte Amigo).
They could possibly publish La morte non conta i dollari (Der Tod zählt keine Dollar) from Riccardo Freda.

(sartana1968) #813

always the same and the same i’am bored ???

(Italo-West-Fan) #814

Where did you get the information ? :slight_smile:
It was mentioned only once in a German forum, but otherwise…
Would be great if the film coming from Koch ;D

(djvaso) #815

[quote=“Italo-West-Fan, post:814, topic:50”]Where did you get the information ? :slight_smile:
It was mentioned only once in a German forum, but otherwise…
Would be great if the film coming from Koch ;D[/quote]

El Puro at Western-maniac forumhttp://western-maniac.forum-pro.fr/t45p30-dvd-western-all-italiana-catalogue-koch-media#bottom

(Italo-West-Fan) #816

Ah, Thanks :wink:

(Horst) #817

How many sw has Koch released with english audio? Does anyone have a list?

(Bad Lieutenant) #818

Everything is in the database.

(Horst) #819

Thanx :slight_smile:

(Sebastian) #820

been kinda silent… any underground news?