[Germany] Koch Media DVDs

(Sebastian) #761

well honestly, Koch Media has been the biggest blessing for the fans of this genre and the cultural heritage of the italian cinema of that era, and whichever release model suits them best, should be fine. it is not really up to us to make demands or anything, even though we do provide a solid customer base, the numbers are just too low

(Sundance) #762

And there are easily several hundred people in total at CG, KG, Cinematik, and probably others who have just downloaded the discs (either full or rips) or bought a bootleg (ebay or some other places). Sad.

(Provvidenza) #763

From the view point of a collector it’s a pity the Rainbow Collection is near its end, but hopefully we still get the last one.
Starting a new collection, would suggest to me that Koch will not have a numbering system on the new packaging. I can’t really see the point of numbering them if they’re not selling enough copies to all us completists. Or indeed why Koch would want to start another numbered collection of Spaghetti Western DVDs.
But to be honest as long as Koch keep the same quality to their Spaghetti releases I will keep buying them.

(Karl) #764

That’s quite simple: If you start a new collection you get new collectors who missed to start the other collection and can start now with the new one. When a company like Koch starts a new SW-series they get much press in branch-newspapers and so they get a new impulse to the markets. You can see that in Koch’s US-western collections. They had the US-western-collections with the white covers (Garden of Evil etc.) which was successfull. They started now a new collection “Western Legends” with “Return of Frank James” and “White Feather” and the success of this re-launch was quite huge. I’ve read that “White Feather” is nearly sold out - that was quick!

(djvaso) #765

An piece of information about one of forthcoming Koch titles (posted by Stanton) now only need an official confirmation.
F. Caddeo on Lovelockandload forum:

Now I'm working on a featurette about Ognuno Per Sé (The Ruthless Four) with Capitani and Hilton.
Thanks ;D .

(autephex) #766

Anyone know if I’m too late on this now? I was just looking at the disc on Amazon.de, but only checked the price and not sure how to tell which edition it is… I’ve been out of the movie buying game for quite a long time now, due to a complete lack of money.

(Sebastian) #767

I saw digipaks in the store today. but online you never know what you’ll get, if they carry the same product ID

(autephex) #768

Have you seen the 2nd edition being sold already anywhere? I guess I will just order it and see what I get… hopefully I’ll get lucky. Either way, excited about the English friendly extras on this release

(Major Clyde) #769

I goofed on my Amazon.de order and unexpectedly ended up with two copies of Il Mercenario last winter. One is still in shrink-wrap. Maybe I can let it go cheap to a forum member if it’s OOP.

(Sebastian) #770

is it a digipak ?

(Stanton) #771

Ask Autephex.

A Koch member has said that from now on the Amaray versons will be shipped. Which means that the shops will still have the last versions of the Digi.

The Amaray will be cheaper (9,90 €), but without the beautiful booklet.

(CORMAC) #772

is koch still going to release may god forgive you…but i won’t on the 31/12/10 as i’ve heard nothing.

(Stanton) #773

They had unexpected problems with the Italian master. So there is still no release date. But the DVD is still planned.

(Major Clyde) #774

Yes, it’s the first pressing, from last Jan or Feb-- digipak with booklet.

(autephex) #775

I actually already ordered Il Mercenario, along with the Silver Saddle bluray from Amazon.de, shortly after my last post in this thread.

I’m still awaiting the shipment, but if it ends up being the Amaray, I may be interested Major Clyde

(Stanton) #776

I think you will get the Digi. For 14,99 it is the Digi anyway.

(autephex) #777

Excellent… will post when I receive, in case anyone else is thinking of ordering

(autephex) #778

Have just received the discs and The Mercenary is indeed the Digipack. So appears Amazon’s current stock is the Digi

(ENNIOO) #779

Glad you received the Digipack as it’s very nice :slight_smile: .

(Stanton) #780

Then again for all the guys who like to have the Digi, the easiest way to check what is what is to look at the price. The Digi costs between 13 and 15 €, while the new Amaray will only cost 9,90 €.