[Germany] Koch Media DVDs

(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #721

The day for night shots are way too dark on the SPO print of A pistol for ringo. Does anyone know if there is a vast improvement in the koch print? IF so I just might double dip.

(Stanton) #722

People who want to buy the Koch DVD of The Mercenary in the beautiful Digi version should not wait any longer. It is nearly sold out according to a Koch member. The 2nd edition will only be an Amaray without the booklet.

Same goes for Man of the East.

(djvaso) #723

Random speculations about forthcoming release are strongly discouraged, he, he .

(Provvidenza) #724

Well I think Gli Specialisti, and Requiescant would be excellent editions to the “deluxe” line, especially if they included English Audio.
I really hope the Rainbow Collection isn’t at an end, I’d like to see the rumored Sugar Colt make an appearance, along with many other titles.

(Sebastian) #725

gli specialisti is out from Kinowelt

(Provvidenza) #726

Thanks, I’ve got the French MK2 release which I believe is basically the same as the German disc you mention.
I guess this means it’s unlikely we will see a Koch release the movie in the foreseeable future :frowning:

(Sebastian) #727

I dont think there is a reason or chance to see a koch version of a disc that is owned by kinowelt…

(Stanton) #728

And Koch won’t get the film much better as it already is

(Provvidenza) #729

You’re probably right fellas, I just think the film deserves a full-length untrimmed release, with English audio and/or at least English subs.
Would be nice to have Koch give it the same kind of treatment as they did Il Mercenario :slight_smile:

(Lode) #730

But this should not be the job of Koch Media but the one of Wild East or Blue Underground… The French Master is the best available, so everybody uses this. No need for Kinowelt to put english language oder subtitles. Koch probably would put one of these on the disc, but they didn’t release…

(djvaso) #731

I would say that it is job for Optimum Releasing from obvious reason. Both Optimum and Kinowelt are parts of the same company.

(Lode) #732

Hm… the rights are not automaticly in Optimum Releasing’s hands because the German “sister” does own them… but i would also like to see a release by OR :slight_smile:

(Provvidenza) #733

One of the problems is that the French master (spo, mk2 and Kinowelt) isn’t the best available, or certainly not the longest.
It’s been established that some of the opening titles and a couple of scenes have been trimmed http://www.spaghetti-western.net/forum/index.php/topic,252.msg104466.html#msg104466 the Italian (Medusa) disc is 1 min 22 sec longer.
Personally I feel the film is important enough to have the best release possible.

(Sebastian) #734

it sucks that blue underground is out of the business of releasing westerns, they have the know how and professional processes to let those films shine. if i were bill lustig i would purchase the rights to some 20 spaghettis that are laying around in the public domain in the US or are without distributor and remaster and rerelease the shit out of them. considering some of the crap they put out usually, that would be a change (and i mean some of the movies they release, the qualitiy is great)

(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #735

BU doesn’t seem to want to come out with anything new except for blu ray versions of their existing releases. And I think their SW stuff doesn’t sell all that well compared to their other stuff (gialli for example). So thats why Lustig only did a handful of SW releases. He’s generally more bottom line profit orientated then Bruckner was so if its not going to make money he’s not going to release it.

But you’re right Seb, BU did SWs better then just about anyone.

(Sebastian) #736

I dont think much of their stuff sells all that well, and many of the spaghetti releases have seen numerous re releases, for example django etc…

(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #737

Yeah I know what you mean, but Django is the exception. There aren’t many other SWs with the widespread appeal of Django. None of their other SWs are among their best selling releases.

Also all their SWs were just ported over from the anchor bay days, which meant less overhead. To release more SWs Lustig would have to spend more then he would with those other releases.

I wish Lustig would release more SWs too but thats not gonna happen. I’m not sure if he is really that hardcore of a SW fan anyways.

(Provvidenza) #738

[quote=“Stanton, post:722, topic:50”]People who want to buy the Koch DVD of The Mercenary in the beautiful Digi version should not wait any longer. It is nearly sold out according to a Koch member. The 2nd edition will only be an Amaray without the booklet.

Same goes for Man of the East.[/quote]

Indeed, Verflucht, verdammt und Halleluja! is not available from amazon.de as I type this.

Am I correct in assuming Koch’s early Spaghetti releases (I want him dead - Shoot the living and pray for the dead - Sartana kills them all - Massacre at Grand Canyon - Johnny Hamlet - Death Sentence - A Bullet For The General FIRST RELEASE) were only ever available in Amaray versions?

(Stanton) #739

Yes and no.

Johnny Hamlet and Death Sentence (just like Blindman, Spara Gringo spara and Days of Violence) were released in beautiful Digi packs, prior to the Rainbow collection, and similar to the Mercenary Digi.

(Provvidenza) #740

Eeeeek! Guess I missed out on those :frowning: Thanks for the info Stanton, I think :wink: