German DVD's with french sound


Can you give me any informations concerning the english / french sound, the quality of picture of the following SW?

thanks a lot,


"Whisky und die Goldgräber "

"Ein Einsamer kehrt zurück "

El Cisco - Wenn der Sargmacher lächelt

“Whisky und die Golgräber”
"Ein Einsamer kehrt zurück "
-bot have english and german audio. Picture quality is not that good.

I don’t know about “El Cisco - Wenn der Sargmacher lächelt”, probably german audio only as most of german releases are.

Thank you Bill!


Anybody has “El Cisco” in DVD? :slight_smile:


‘El Cisco’ is German audio only !!! The movie itself isn’t that special, for collectors and Berger fans only !!!

Thanx, Bluntwolf.


No, this isn’t correct. El Cisco from KSM has also French audio. I own the DVD. Picture- and Soundquality aren’t that bad- I’d like to say above average for KSM
but the flic itself is poor.