German DVD's with french sound

(Fredge) #1


Can you give me any informations concerning the english / french sound, the quality of picture of the following SW?

thanks a lot,


"Whisky und die Goldgräber "

"Ein Einsamer kehrt zurück "

El Cisco - Wenn der Sargmacher lächelt

(Bill san Antonio) #2

“Whisky und die Golgräber”
"Ein Einsamer kehrt zurück "
-bot have english and german audio. Picture quality is not that good.

I don’t know about “El Cisco - Wenn der Sargmacher lächelt”, probably german audio only as most of german releases are.

(Fredge) #3

Thank you Bill!


(Fredge) #4

Anybody has “El Cisco” in DVD? :slight_smile:


(Bluntwolf) #5

‘El Cisco’ is German audio only !!! The movie itself isn’t that special, for collectors and Berger fans only !!!

(Fredge) #6

Thanx, Bluntwolf.



No, this isn’t correct. El Cisco from KSM has also French audio. I own the DVD. Picture- and Soundquality aren’t that bad- I’d like to say above average for KSM
but the flic itself is poor.