George Lazenby

There was some talk about poor old George in the 007 thread, his career really went downhill after he left the Bond series, but he managed to get some roles at least.

Thought I’d list the movies he appeared in after On Her Majesty’s Secret Service that I have seen, most of them on old rental tapes.

Universal Soldier (1971)

His first film after OHMSS, it’s not an action film as one might think. Lazenby plays an arms-dealer that gets second thoughts about what he is doing. It’s an odd film i would say, worth seeing if you’re a fan of GL (which I’m not really).

Stoner (1974)

A kung fu movie also starring well-known Angela Mao, nothing special but an ok movie.

The Man from Hong Kong (1975)

An Australian / Hong Kong co-production, Lazenby plays the bad guy and Jimmy Wang Yu the hero in this action movie. A pretty good film.

Freeze Bomb (1978)

Also known as Death Dimension, to me this is the best kung fu movie Lazenby appeared in. It also stars Jim Kelly from Enter the Dragon.

I haven’t seen Queens Ransom (1976) another GL kung fu movie.

You haven’t seen Who Saw Her Die? Lindberg? Definitely worth seeking out if you haven’t. Is in my giallo Top 3.

I don’t watch giallos usually :smiley:

Well, how is GL in that film?

Well for one you should of course start watching giallos :slight_smile: I actually prefer to be watching spaghetti heroes like Anthony Steffen and George Hilton in their gialli performances than in their spaghetti western ditto.

As Who Saw Her Die? is in my absolute top George Lazenby of course does a fine job. Was perhaps a little afraid that he would deliver some sort of wooden performance but he actually performed quite well in the role as the (grieving) father. You’ll have to watch it, it’s one of those movies which makes you feel like you’ve been punched in the face after watching. And I mean that in a good way. Leaves a lasting impression so to speak :slight_smile: And the score by Morricone will send chills down your spine.

Lazenby was vastly underrated in his only JB performance, which he gave as a crossing between Connery and Moore.

I never thought that one day I would say this: I really think now that he would have been the better choice for Diamonds Are Forever. But it would probably have killed the series.

Maybe, I’m not into movies in general though, not even genre movies

GL could perhaps have been the Bond of the 70s, not as self-ironic as Moore, and using kung fu in the fights

But probably he wouldn’t have been as popular as Roger Moore

What the h*ll are you doing in a spaghetti western forum then Lindberg :slight_smile: ?

I’m not really ‘into’ movies either I just watch a lot of them :wink: and I like to navigate out of the spaghetti western genre while stile staying in Italy. Gialli, Italian crime movies, spy movies, horror movies, nun/nazi/ex-ploitation movies etc.

Well in or out of any genre Who Saw Her Die? is a great movie…

I actually like George Lazenby a great deal! I thought he made a perfect Bond, to be quite frank.
I much prefer him over Moore, Dalton, and Brosnan.
A vastly underrated actor, in my opinion.

Sacrilege :o

Have nobody but me seen George’s kung fu movies btw? ::slight_smile:

I remember him from the bad Emmanuelle TV Movies . :smiley:
I think I’ve seen The Man from Hong Kong but can’t really remember anything. Was his Material Arts any good ? :slight_smile:

I don’t think I have seen this movie, Stoner, but the name Angela Mao did sound familiar
After a visit to You Tube and IMDB, I think I saw two movies of her, HAP KI DO and LADY WHIRLWIND
If my memory doesn’t betray me, the first one was quite good
Martial Arts movies were quite popular when I was young, and I saw quite a lot in cinema
I rewatched some of them in the 80s. I lived in Antwerp then, abnd there was a video rental shop with a lot of tapes with Chinese action movies. I somehow lost these kind of movies out of sight, they never fascinated me the way spaghetti westerns did

When I was younger but cannot remember what I thought as had to many beers whilst viewing ;).

They’re fun to watch now and then, when you want some chop socky entertainment, no more no less

Stoner was alright. Bad movie of course, but somewhat entertaining.

The best Lazenby flick of course is Kentucky Fried Movie 8)

[quote=“Bad Lieutenant, post:15, topic:1567”]Stoner was alright. Bad movie of course, but somewhat entertaining.

The best Lazenby flick of course is Kentucky Fried Movie 8)[/quote]

I’ve seen this one too, but my copy must have been cut or something, I couldn’t find GL in it ???

What does he do?

Here is his role in KFM: Donald Sutherland had a good role too! ;D

Ok, thanks Paco, I don’t think these scenes were in the version I saw… strange

Btw, GL was about to star opposite Bruce Lee in some bigger budget martial arts movie in Hong Kong, but of course this never realized because Lee died

Lazenby was into martial arts and practised, but I don’t know exactly how good he was