Future Dorado Releases – Input Needed

I’ve been chatting back and forth with Dorado films about future releases, and was presented with a question to ask you all at the forum… They have some distribution rights for El Yankee, Seven Dollars of Red, Seven Guns For Timothy, Train to Durango, Any Gun Can Play, and Una Pistola per Ringo (from the same masters Koch uses), and were wondering if there’d be a demand for these titles in an English/Italian audio NTSC release. Let me know what you think and I’ll get back to them. Thanks.

An uncut version of Seven Guns for Timothy with English audio or subs would be great.

With Stanton on this one…Seven Guns For Timothy for sure :wink: .

Absolutely no doubt this is the one we are short of. All the others have other good releases.

I don’t think Any Gun Can Play has had a particularly good release anywhere - the VCI version is OK, nothing more.

Unless I’ve missed one?

But agree about Seven Guns for Timothy.

[quote=“Starblack, post:5, topic:2061”]I don’t think Any Gun Can Play has had a particularly good release anywhere - the VCI version is OK, nothing more.

Unless I’ve missed one?[/quote]

Perhaps I should have said decent releases.
Put it this way, Timothy is the only one of the above titles I feel I need to get or upgrade. I’m happy enough with what I have on the others.

Yes between the releases mentioned there really that (Timothy) is the most delicious one.

It is very important for genre publishers I think to not only check what has previously been released in their own country but also what could be attractive for the overseas customers so I am sure that Dorado will do “the right thing” :slight_smile:

But a better release of Any Gun would surely be appreciated aswell.

SEVEN GUNS FOR TIMOTHY with a bullet. I’d also upgrade on ANY GUN CAN PLAY and SEVEN DOLLARS OF RED personally.

Seven Dollars & Yankee with English audio.

Seven Guns For Timothy would be really nice. Yankee too but it has a Koch release.

Not with English Audio though.

Then I’ll buy this one.

What the hell time is it in Sweden?

15.31, no AM/PM times over here.

nighttime, morning?

About daytime.


Timothy of course, if only for that name

I have Any Gun can play on a 3DVD/9MOVIES release, and it’s the film with the best video quality, but I’d buy a good new release, it’s a very nice film

I’m with the majority here…

Seven Guns For Timothy definitely and Any Gun Can Play if its going to be an improvement over the VCI release

The others are cool but I wouldn’t buy them probably, since I already have the Koch discs and English/fan versions

This is very true… also a lot of spaghetti fans of course still buy releases from other countries so its not an overseas only type thing. The spaghetti market is really a world market.

I already have a mile-long list of releases I’m waiting to buy that I don’t have yet, so a company re-releasing the same film as another company is nothing but frustrating to me.

On the other hand, if they put out something that hasn’t been released by someone else, I’m likely to feel the need to buy it asap- Like I just did with their Gatling Gun