From the 'Spaghetti Western Database'.... Stay Well


First of all…this is open for all subjects…

especially ones than either make us think, contemplate, or simlpy shit ourselves with laughter.

In other words, you can either pose problems, questions, or just post a joke.

Thinks I’m close to pavin’ the way to ‘Charlie Chocolate’…

Stay Well, all my friends on ‘SWDB’

This really is a bitch of a time, but please try and grin…please try.

.On behalf of the ‘SWDB’, any new members are welcomed with open six-shooteers.!!!

FOR MY PUNISHMENT; If you shoot a question, and I get it wrong, I will nibble on cheese, and drink wine, until you get your question right.

Has you got that right, bro…?

So…Lord’s time be on my time, saith Fritz, known in de daffodil underlayer, as the 'Hot Shitz’h 'Ole.


Stupid post…

Just my excuse to go mad because of self-isolation, and my inability to be with be with the lady that I love.
Will be stronger tomorrow, as I hope than all of you are.
Best to you all on SWDB.

Gotta admit this isolation is getting to me too Amigo. One of the things I miss a lot is being able to order from overseas. Some of the best stuff in my collection comes from UK, Germany, France, and occasionally from Italy and Australia. There’s a sale going on right now at 88 Films I don’t know if I can partake in because I’m unsure of how tied up Customs here in the US is.

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At the current rate, I’ll be making one album a month. All thanks to Covid19.

And the beauty is, you don’t even have to know parts 1-18, to know what’s going on.

Just find something to do. Start painting. Or finish that novel, that you never got around to. No excuses this time. Either that, or daytime drinking. Or both.